Saturday, June 2, 2012

Master chef

Hi all, I've got my sleeping pattern back on track! Around midnight nowadays I'm so tired I can't keep my eyes open... Which isn't all that great, because they've started showing Midsumer Murders again on Fridays, and it lasts 'till around midnight. I was really psyched to watch it last night, but fell asleep just before the conclusion in the second episode. Meh! Hopefully it'll get better. I guess I was sleep deprived anyway.

I've got two new plants! A cactus and a dionaea. Or a venus fly trap. I had a dionaea before, but then I left it somewhere for just two or three days and they'd managed to kill it. Even though they'd watered it! Maybe they gave it wrong water... They don't like hard water. I even got the same flowerpot for my new dionaea as I used for the old one. I have no idea where the old pot even is. Anyway, I'm thinking I want to name my new plants, just because reasons. My old dionaea was named Daniel, for obvious reasons. At least they should be obvious. I think so. My point is, does anybody have any ideas? I'm all out. Here's a picture of my new lovelies.

Best flowerpot ever. Roar!

I cooked yesterday! I've wanted home-made tomato soup for so long. Actually ever since we finished performing (in April sometime, if I'm not wrong?), because that's what we were served after our last performance, and I'd actually never had it before. I've had the bagged kind, you know, mix powder with water, heat up, eat. There's a world of difference in taste, though.
Anyway, my brother actually got a recipe book at school. Obviously, it's meant for the parents... It's full of recipes that are specifically made for children to like them. I was a little disappointed in the taste of the finished product, because it was so mild, and the one I'd had before was like something exploding in your mouth. I guess I'll have to use a different recipe next time. This one had cream in it, I think that's what's ruined everything.

I have no idea what I'm doing
I look like a raccoon because I'd been chopping onions.

Daniel insisted he be in the picture.

I feel like I'm giving constant updates on the weather, but it really is necessary! It's gone cold and rainy again. We had one week of nice weather. One week. Why, Norway. Why? I almost froze my butt off when I was out with Lily. And I was wearing long tights and even a jacket. The worst part is that the meteorologists on our side of the country are on strike, so we get no forecast at the time. There's really a lot of striking going on here lately. Teachers, meteorologists, scientists, even the airport security guards. Oh well. Luckily I'm not going anywhere.
And in case you haven't learnt yet... Click any picture to enlarge.

Super interesting fact of today: The blue whale's penis is 5 meters long.


a small player in God's plan. said...

lol at the drawing in the picture of you cooking
also your brother is awesome

BUTTER! i only recognize it because of that viral video about a butter crisis in norway... the guy (well, idk, guy? girl? crossdressing wierdo?) had that same exact container.

LewisH2012 said...

Where the fuck do you get these facts (obviously on the internet DERP!!!) but i mean what do you type up to get them? Oh yeh nice kitchen (just saying).

Noxiousdoctrine said...

Lol, kitchen bitch