Thursday, November 19, 2009

Rabbit in the moon

Okay guys, I've made a huge discovery.

Now I'm not sure how many of you have heard the song Dango Daikazoku, from Clannad. But somewhere in there the lyrics go:

Usagi mo sora de te wo futtemiteru dekkai otsuki-sama

Meaning something along the lines of "The rabbits are waving from the big moon in the sky"

So I've been wondering what the hell that random mess had to do with anything at all. And I discovered it by chance while I was watching Bakemonogatari. Which is an anime. A good one, for the record.

You see,
Seen from Japan.
The pattern of the moon.
Looks like ...
Making a rice cake. *cough*

Even though, as Tony says, it looks more like a rabbit fucking a russian anteater.


... That's actually all I've got to say for now.


First post coming up, whoo!

Hey folks,

Okay, so now I've proved to the world that my blog is working. (see previous blog post)

Sorry to break it to ya, but in my very first blog post I have absolutely nothing to write about.

Because you see, dear readers. Today I'm sick, and I'm hating it.

Okay fine, I love it.

If you don't count the being sick part, it's actually kinda neat. No school, no stress. Just laying in my bed. Aaaall day.

... Okay fine, it's dead boring.
And now I'm gonna sleep.
Because I rock at blogging.

At least you know I'm alive now.


Hey folks

This is a test.


I hope to see you again!