Saturday, August 18, 2012

Retarded kitty

Today I woke up because my kitty was licking my belly button. And that's not even what really woke me up. That was when she dug her nails into my tummy and tried to push her entire head into my fucking navel.

I was going to go to the city with my friend today. She was getting her belly button pierced, and I needed to be there for support. Now, before I say anything else, she's not a pussy. And if I don't explain this and she reads it she'll probably murder me. She had her appendix removed, and the piercing would have to go through a lot of scar tissue and that's painful and shiz.

Okay, this is retarded. I'm going to stop blogging until someone tells me what they want to read about.
Later guise!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Oh, and guys

I'm pretty much out of ideas on what to write about lately, so if there is anything specific you'd like to see here, just let me know.

I'll even do vlogs*. But only if I really, really have to.

School starts on Monday the 20th, so hopefully I'll have more stuff to blog about since I won't be sitting on my ass all day roaming the internets and playing The Sims 3.

*I'll never ever do a vlog

Soft kitty, warm kitty

I have recently (a month ago) aquired a kitten. She is adorable.
She's really lazy except from 2am-5am. Which, incidentally, is the middle of the night where I usually try to enjoy a good night's sleep. She likes to attack my feet. And my eyelashes, from time to time. But I spray her in the face with a water bottle every time she does that at night, so she's starting to learn that it's not such a good idea.
She also likes to sleep on my boobs, which I do not object to. Have you ever slept with a warm little kitten on you? It's the best thing ever. Even better than sliced bread.

That is all for now because it's 2am. I may get back to you later. With a new music video from the guys who brought you "Escal8r" and "Swag". You know, the ones I posted a while back? No? Well, scroll the fuck down, then.

Super interesting fact of today: Dolphins sometimes drag people into underwater caves to rape and kill them. Be careful out there!