Sunday, April 29, 2012

Oh, Lewis.

I saw your comment on my previous stats update. It would appear you've become my new faithful reader. Here are the pageviews for this week.

Oh, you.

I suppose I should also fill you all in on what I've done today.
I have watched My Little Pony and The Matrix, and I played a lot of Kalaha with my brother.
I also found my cell phone, which has been missing since Friday. I found it in the pocket of the shorts I was wearing that day.



I've had a lot of pageviews these past few days. I guess this means I have to start writing about things again. Interesting things, at that. Excuse me while I google "interesting things".

1. People who ride on roller coasters have a higher chance of having a blood clot in the brain.
2. People with blue eyes see better in dark.
3. Money isn't made out of paper, it is made out of cotton.
4. A huge underground river runs underneath the Nile, with six times more water than the river above.
5. A tiny amount of liquor on a scorpion will make it go mad instantly and sting itself to death.
6. The human body emits a glow that is 1,000 times less than what our eyes can detect.
7. The USA uses 29% of the world's petrol and 33% of the world's electricity.
8. Wearing headphones for just an hour will increase the bacteria in your ear By 700 times.
9. The animal responsible for the most human deaths world-wide is the mosquito.
10. The pupil of the eye expands as much as 45 percent when a person looks at something pleasing

Well, that was mighty interesting in my opinion, at least. As for other pointless and interesting facts, I have very bad hearing on my right ear. It's been like this for about four years. I still forget it at times and freak out when I can't identify sounds. And I have magical knees that can bend in seemingly impossible ways.
 I find myself looking around me in search of other interesting things to write about. There is a lamp on the floor, which is the only source of light in this room. And I've just downloaded the 12 Pok√©mon movies. I misplaced my cell phone on Friday and I still can't find it (oh, the horrors of moving to a big house). I'm trying to teach my mother how to play guitar. She knows four chords and expects to learn Nothing Else Matters and Stairway to Heaven with no real difficulty. I've tried to tell her that maybe she should practice chords more to strenghten up her fingers and whatnot. Hopefully she'll take me up on that. I remember how it feels, though. You get your hands on a guitar and think you'll be Slash in no time. It doesn't look that difficult, after all.

We're getting a kitten! Hopefully very soon. And hopefulliest it'll be a snow white one with one green and one blue eye. We actually found a litter that looked just like that, but they were mighty expensive and all. About $1000 for one. I guess just about any cat'll be fine, though, as long as it's a she and I get to call her Venus.

 I am now at that point where I have nothing interesting to do from day to day. I find myself doing nothing but sleeping, smoking and watching My Little Pony. I would like to do something productive. I want to paint, but all my canvases and paint is in our other house. I could draw, but I can't find my color pencils anywhere. Drawing and music's pretty much all I'm good at, and I can't be playing guitar in the middle of the night either. (This is the part where you, dear readers, come up with awesome things for me to do with my time.)

 That's pretty much all I've got for now.  Except for one more interesting thing that you probably already know. You know how when you take a long bath or something, people say your fingers get all wrinkly because your skin absorbs water? Actually our fingers prune up so it'll be easier for us to climb slippery surfaces and stuff. I have no idea why the human body still has this feature. Might come in handy one day, though. If I get thrown into some Hunger Games or something.

 For the record, that movie sucked. Books ftw. Hurr.

 Bye now.

(Jeez, just because of that list I copy-pasted I've had to edit this post about six times.)
(Make that seven.)

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

When will they stop using my picture in every newspaper article?

If you scroll down a bit to the post with the pictures from that huge awesome performance (or click this link), you know that first picture, the one with me and three other girls, the one they used in some newspaper article about a month ago?

They used that same picture in a new article on Friday. I mean, I know I'm awesome and all, but come on.




Gee, Blogger. Thank you so much for changing the entire format of everything. We all need a challenge from time to time. I personally just LOOOVE having to search for 5 minutes before I find the button that lets me WRITE A FUCKING BLOG POST, AND I DON'T KNOW HOW TO CHECK MY COMMENTS AND JESUS WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU ARGHHHHH.

So I'm on my period (which is not blatantly obvious at all), and with my pads I got a free facial mask. Some women just know what a woman needs.

Today is Wednesday. Usually Thursday is the Day of Disaster. Maybe whoever's in charge of fucking my life up lost count or something. So, where to start?

Tuesday, 8:something pm: I find out that I have a math exam on Wednesday. This means I have to get up at 6am sharp. Better finish this meaningless shit I'm doing and get to bed.

Tuesday, 11:something pm: Some random person with a number I don't know and can't track starts texting me just as I was going to sleep. He does not tell me who he is until around 1:30am (don't worry, it was a guy I know), and by that time I was suddenly not at all sleepy at all. So I tried everything. Every technique I have. I will not mention them all (if you know what I mean), but some involve reading horrible romance novels, listening to calm music, lying still in the dark until I fall asleep, and I even have this lamp that can gradiently fade out until the room is pitch black. Which is a more natural and comfortable way to fall asleep.

Wednesday, 4am: I fall asleep.

Wednesday, 11:30am: I wake up. FML.

Wednesday 11:32am: Mom tells me that in two minutes some guy will be in my room to install a doorknob (I've lived here for almost three weeks without a knob on the door to my room, no biggie. At all.).

HOWEVERRRR, I fixed that shit and made the day awesome again. Yesterday some dude finally installed my shower (again, no biggie, I've only lived here for three weeks. PS PS PS we have more than one bathroom, chill.), so what I did was I tidied up the bathroom, put in place my new towels and shit, put my clothes in my awesome walk-in wardrobe (yes. I know.), and took the longest, steamiest shower EVER. Shaved my legs and all. Even exfoliated. Then I put on completely fresh PJs and changed the sheets on my bed. JESUS FUCKING CHRIST WHY DO I NOT DO THIS EVERY DAY.

Because I don't have time.

But still, this is pretty awesome. And since this is a blog and I don't have any pictures for you, here's a song. Because people who read blogs like pictures and songs.

(I'm still angry with you, Blogger, for changing up my shit like that. Not cool.)

I somehow always thought this was a Maroon 5 song. Okay.


Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday 13th

I just noticed it's Friday 13th. This explains why I forgot my lunch.

And it was mashed potatoes, too. Fml. Stupid day. Also I had math and German today. This explains everything.

Stats for this month

Just thought I'd post this because reasons.

I don't even #2

Woke up this morning, blared some music and sang along just to wake up. After about 10 minutes I walked out of my room.

Once again, nobody had cared to tell me that there were workers in our house. At 8am. Dafuq.
They probably heard me singing.
This is awkward.

My computer automatically leeched internet from our neighbors. (good computer!) Still haven't checked if it actually works, though. More as it develops.

Normally I would post a picture here because people who read blogs like pictures. But I don't have anything relevant. I'll just post something completely irrelevant.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

What the actual fuck

Got home from school yesterday around 5:30 as usual. Walked in. No furniture. The mom showed up and was like "Oh, we're moving. I sent you a text."

Lol I don't even.

They'd just thrown everything left in my room in a heap in the corner. Thanks. Real nice. I stuffed it all in whatever bags and suitcases and whatever I could find, and then we were off.

Did I mention that we don't have hot water in the new house? And there are only lights in the kitchen and the hallway. And in my room. Also it's really fucking cold there. Something about a heat cable in the floor with a leak. Which is also why we don't have hot water. No worries though, some dude came to fix it today.

Would've been nice if somebody would've told me that. I was running around the house in only my leotard. In all the commotion yesterday I'd just stuffed things in random bags, so I had no idea where anything was. Do you know how hard it is to find a black leotard in a heap of clothes? Found my ballet slippers 5 minutes before I had to leave. Ran into that guy about 1,000 times before I got dressed properly. Which wouldn't have been much of a problem if he hadn't been real cute. Oh well.

Right now I'm in math class. I haven't been here in ages, but I caught up real fast and even finished my assignments half an hour early. Even learnt how to use Geogebra. So no, I'm not skipping class to blog. Why would you think that. I would never do such a thing.

Twenty minutes left 'till lunch. I think the teacher suspects that I'm not making graphs. I think he wants me to keep making graphs even though I've made all the graphs I was supposed to make.

He's making me nervous, sneaking around trying to catch me and all. Got nothing more to write anyway. Win/win.


Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Why, internet. Why must you do this to me. As if I don't have enough stuff to do at night instead of sleeping. It's now about 7:25am. Today is my first day of school after Easter break. Good start, June. Very impressive. Very.

I'm getting up in 20 minutes. No point in going to sleep now I guess. MLP it is.

Also if I remember it I'll post pics of one of those newspapers I was in. Kbye. :)))

Saturday, April 7, 2012

I don't even #1

This week, almost 50% of my readers were Russian.


Daniel's first picture ever

Howdy. Just got back from our new house. There are still some things to be done (like cleaning up the mess the builders left), but it does look like we'll be able to move in by the 15th. Which would be good. Because then we wouldn't have to pay $1300 for another month in this crappy ol' apartment.

Now I'm super tired. I have, for some reason, been up since around 10pm last night. It is now 3pm. I'm hoping to survive the day without taking a nap, because that nap would undeniably turn into a 12-hour coma. That's what happened yesterday. And the day before that.

I will now indulge in some MLP and a... soy yoghurt. Anyone who's ever moved will know that the closer you get to moving day, the less edible stuff will be in your house. And now, some pictures. Actually two. I took a lot more, but my phone keeps randomly deleting or damaging all my pictures. Real mature, phone. Luckily the picture my brother took survived. Which is good, because it's the first picture he's ever taken. In his life. He's never taken a picture before with anything at all, and today he took his first snapshot. Of me, of course. And a drill. And a large heap of IKEA which later turned into a wardrobe. Magic.

Tadahhhh. It's not bad, is it? I mean, it was his very first picture ever. And it's not even blurry. Well, a little blurry. But that's because he took it with my phone. And I have Xperia. Heck, even my pictures are blurrier than this one. I hereby decide that my brother will be a photographer when he grows up. And also a master piano player. And a (totally straight) ballet dancer, because there are too few male ballet dancers.

Here is the only other picture that my phone would spare.

This is Daniel unpacking a chair or something. On our roof balcony.
Yes, we have a roof balcony. And a winter garden. I know. I know.

Seriously, I'm gonna go watch MLP and eat this disgusting yoghurt that isn't even yoghurt now. Bye.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Change of residency

Hi guys. I haven't really been blogging much lately. This is because I'm moving. Which is srs bsns. We gotta be out of here by the 15th, and there's still a lot left to do, so I might not blog an awful lot until then. But mind you, when we're all moved in and stuff I'll take lots of pictures of our new house! And also the IKEA wardrobe I built.

I love you lots and stuff. Please don't stop reading my blog just because there's nothing here lately.