Thursday, March 29, 2012


I pirated Dumbo, and I'm watching it right now.
Of course, I put it on pause to write this. Durr.

Anyway, assuming you've all seen Dumbo. Do you remember that funny part where Dumbo was blowing bubbles shaped like squares and even elephants?

Do you also remember that Dumbo and the mouse were drunk out of their minds, and hallucinating?

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Warrior diet

I don't know if you've heard about the warrior diet. But in this diet you're supposed to eat one huge-ass meal a day and that's it.
I accidentally went on that diet last week, since I was at school all day. Got home at like 10 and had 9848234 servings of whatever dinner we were having.



Definitely continuing this.

Quick picture

Me and Aurora.
This is not an awkward picture, no matter what you think. I like it.

(Click picture to view larger)

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


There is something I've forgotten to complain about!

(Note: This entire post is going to be me ranting about my teacher being an asshole. You have been warned.)

Remember that dick teacher who asked that chick if she wanted to sing that song that I really wanted to sing, right in front of my face? No? Here's the link:

Anyway. On the sound check on Friday when we were going through the song I played on, the sound totally freakin' failed. There was no sound on the bass. Heck, there was almost no sound on the drums (how the hell?), and somebody had fucked with my pedal board, so that when I let go of my guitar strings there was the most intense feedback ever. I tried striking a few chords, and it was the death metaliest sound ever. And I was just gonna have a little distortion to roughen up that cute little song. I posted it a while back if you want to hear it.

So anyway, it was pretty obvious that it was NOT our fault that the sound was all fucked up, right? You'd think so. After that horrendous experience (because seriously, nobody likes to fuck up on stage, even if they weren't the ones fucking up), the same shitbag teacher from before walked up to me like
"I think it's better if you just play the tambourine on this song, June."
SERIOUSLY? THE FUCK? Of course, I argued with him. And he just wouldn't let it go. I told him it wasn't my fault. I had like 5 people backing me up there. But he just wouldn't let it go.
"It's just better this way. You didn't start playing where you were supposed to. Just... Stop doing this. It has to be this way. Just play the tambourine."
Asshole. ASSHOLE. I mean, why? Why wouldn't he let it go? Should we drop the bass and drums as well, since they weren't working either? Why did I have to be the one who wouldn't be allowed to play because the sound technicians fucked something up? I was furious. Controllably furious. Until he said this.

"I hope this doesn't ruin this whole experience for you."

... Lol.
Seriously? SERIOUSLY? He takes away the only thing I was going to do, because of something that wasn't my fault, and he hopes it won't matter to me?
I was so angry I just started crying. Which was super awkward, but fixed the situations. Because the project leaders saw it, asked what was wrong, and told me it wasn't even his decision to make, so I should just show up there next morning and show him. And I did.

Random image because people who read blogs like images.

After every show, he walked up to me and said "It's great that the sound worked out this time! Well played!"
That man sure got some nerve. Wow. First he tries to sabotage me, then praises me and acts like my best friend. Asshole teacher. I'm never going to his piano classes again.

That's that.

We've finished all our performances. It's been the most amazing week in ages, and I've been in like 7 newspaper articles. Because I'm cool like that. Here's a pic from one of them:

From the left: Me, Sofie, two other chicks I can't remember the names of.

Other than that, my feet are falling apart. Not sure why. And we've had the nicest weather in ages this week. Which just made everything more perfect. I wish I had a bunch of pictures of the place. Oh wait lol I do.

This is the outside the building. The red thing you see straight ahead is a cafe. That gray thing over the building itself is also the building. It's a big building. "Grieghallen". This huge space here is where we hung out. Just chillin' in the sun. Watching skaters skating. Having coffee and cigarettes. It was seriously awesome. Here's the inside:

Or, that would be the audience. Room for about 2000 people, if I'm not mistaken. The acoustics were great.

Pedals and shit. Don't ask me why that guy is lying on the stage curled up in a fetal position because I really just don't know.

Behind the stage. Note: Not the backstage. Picture of our backstage is coming up.

The guitars and basses that were used in our performance. The black one furthest back in the triple Hercules stand is mine. His name is Oliver. You see him, right? No? K.

Backstage for musicians only. This is actually not an actual backstage, but a performance room. But we got to use it for chilling out and warming up and stuff like that. Oh, and there were also 7 dressing- and makeup-rooms. Luxury much?

Now that we're done with everything, I feel really empty, you know? I'm probably never going back to Grieghallen. I'm never performing this musical again. I'll never be acting high and doing some lame moves while singing "Aquarius" like our choreographist told us to.
(While we're talking about her, I'm not very convinced she's completely mentally healthy)

But heck, I mean, I did this last year as well. I felt the same way, and I survived it. It passed a couple of weeks later. I almost feel bad about not still feeling empty about that, but oh well.

On another note, after having this experience, I know I really do want to work with music. I love being on stage performing in front of a bunch of random people, and I don't even know why, because it does sound utterly ridiculous. I've completely lost my stage fright. I think that's the very best thing I got out of this.

I'm going to go sleep now. I've been working non-stop from about 10am - 10pm every day, including weekends, for 10 days. I skipped school today. /sohardcore.
I don't really want to go back to school at all now. Just really proves that it's over. Going back to my normal, boring day-to-day life. Oh well. I guess it's the way it's gotta be. I wouldn't trade this experience for anything. You wouldn't believe how much you bond with the other people involved, even if you don't talk to them much.

I'm gonna go watch some House now. Later. :)))))

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Just bloggin'

Good day, faithful readers. Like I mentioned, I won't be able to blog very much this week, but as soon as that chick in my class puts the pictures up I'll post those, at least.

So in the mean time, I took this picture with my webcam. It's my view from where I'm sitting right now. Very spectacular.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Picture delay

This chick in my class took a whole bunch of pictures yesterday, and I was thinking I'd put them up here. I also thought she'd upload them yesterday. They're still not up. So you're just gonna have to wait.

Sorry, Sme, for not blogging until now. I'm at school from 12 - 9. Meaning I'm unavailable from about 10 - 10. Meaning I'm super busy.

So, the interview went pretty well. Turns out I'm not the only person from Os in this school after all, so we were three people getting interviewed. That was the okay part. The awkward part was when she wanted me to pose with my guitar on stage, and took a buttload of awkward pictures. I'm very sure she's going to use the one where I accidentally laughed. I assume I looked somewhat like this:

Anyway. We got through the entire musical yesterday. The first day we even tried. So things are going pretty well and stuff. I'm super tired. Only one week to go!

Murder me

Monday, March 19, 2012

Oh god why

I've been so busy being annoyed with AdSense that I completely forgot that today is Sunday, and tomorrow is Monday, and Monday means school, and school means interview. It is now 5am. Well done. Well done.
Technically it's already Monday.

Just in case you were wondering, I will now show you what my hair looks like today.

I swear I don't always look like I'm stuck in the 80's!*

*This statement is false

Sunday, March 18, 2012


I wanna live forever.

Loljk. My point is, I'm getting famous tomorrow. At least a little.

You see, today I went to a café in town with a friend of mine, and I got a phone call from a guy in my class, saying it was absolutely crucial that I went to school tomorrow, because some reporters from my part of town (Os) are coming for a story about the big musical, and they want to interview me. Me!
(Because I'm the only student in the entire school who lives in Os, but still.)

So in a few days I'll definitely be on everyone's tongues, and they will carry me around and throw money at me.

Seriously though, I'm kinda nervous about the whole interview thing. What if they want to take a picture. Ew. So far I've only seen one good picture of me that's not taken by my webcam with very high light exposure. And that's this one.

(And as you can see, there's quite a lot of light in this picture as well. And contrast. I simply cannot look good in pictures like normal people.)

More as it develops.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Fuck this shit

So I went to school today to rehearse Smells Like Teen Spirit with the band. For the big musical that is in less than a week.

Nobody cared to tell me I'd been replaced with some other vocalist until I got there. But then that other vocalist ran off somewhere when the band was gonna rehearse, so I was stepping in for him. Of course, just when we were starting, he came out of nowhere. So I just left.
Then some teacher asked me why I was even there in the first place, and I explained the circumstances to him. I also told him that I was the first one who asked to sing on that song, and that of course I was a little disappointed, seeing as the only thing I get to do now is play 5 chords over 20 seconds.

My big debut.

Worst part. I was leaving school with a friend of mine, Alice, when that same teacher stopped us. After talking to Mr. New Vocalist for a while, he asked Alice if she wanted to do the backup vocals for that song.


So I was at the doctor's on Thursday, and she ran an awful lot of tests to check for infections and whatnot, because my ear is being stupid and I've been coughing up sputum for four weeks.
The tests all came back negative.

So she wrote me a prescription for penicillin. Lol ok. Makes sense.

And now I'm probably going to die because I got a rash from it, and another symptom that comes with penicillin allergy is respiratory arrest.

Bye world.

Slappin' da bass

Lol jk, I couldn't slap to save my life.

Just learnt "Run to the Hills" by Iron Maiden. Fuck yes. Here's a super artsy picture of me and my bass.

Have a splendid evening/night/morning/afternoon.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Statu Variabilis

Hi, Sme. Thank you for reading my blog.

I need to learn the lyrics for Carl Orff's O Fortuna, the opening of his masterpiece Carmina Burana. Within a week. I hate learning latin lyrics. They don't make sense. Like last year, we learnt Shubert's messe no. 6 in E sharp minor. 95 pages of notes and latin lyrics.
But I mean, we didn't have to learn the lyrics by heart like we do now.

O fortuna, velut luna, statu variabilis.

Just look at those lyrics. They make so little sense even when you know what they mean. Fuck this shit, I'm gonna watch Star Wars.

Hello, faithful readers!

Today I slept 'till 4:50pm. I blame this on the antibiotics my doctor gave me for an infection I apparently have, even though my tests are clean. I just discovered a rash on my cheek, which is a sympton of penicillin allergy. So if I don't ever check back again, I died.

Other than that I've been playing a lot of bass and guitar today. I should be practicing the song I'm going to play in our musical, but I didn't. Because I'm only supposed to play in like 20 seconds of the song. 
Which sucks. I mean, what the hell am I gonna do for the rest of the song? Just stand there like an idiot? Wave my hands a bit, try to get people to clap along?
Here's the song I'm playing. In the second verse, if you listen very closely, you'll hear the chords played by a slightly distorted guitar in addition to the clean one. That's my part.

Right now I'm watching Star Wars. Except I just took a break from it to watch an episode of House. And now my internet died, so I guess I'll have to wait a moment before I can put that video in. Up there.
Okay, the internet's back. 

I assume you're all going to share my blog with all your lovely friends so that I'll be famous within a week, right? Yeah? Good. I love you.

I have returned, once again.

So. I decided I'd take this blog up. Again. Who knows, maybe I'll earn some cash from it.


Lol, who am I kidding. Nobody reads this.

(Except Sme, of course.)