Sunday, March 18, 2012


I wanna live forever.

Loljk. My point is, I'm getting famous tomorrow. At least a little.

You see, today I went to a café in town with a friend of mine, and I got a phone call from a guy in my class, saying it was absolutely crucial that I went to school tomorrow, because some reporters from my part of town (Os) are coming for a story about the big musical, and they want to interview me. Me!
(Because I'm the only student in the entire school who lives in Os, but still.)

So in a few days I'll definitely be on everyone's tongues, and they will carry me around and throw money at me.

Seriously though, I'm kinda nervous about the whole interview thing. What if they want to take a picture. Ew. So far I've only seen one good picture of me that's not taken by my webcam with very high light exposure. And that's this one.

(And as you can see, there's quite a lot of light in this picture as well. And contrast. I simply cannot look good in pictures like normal people.)

More as it develops.


Anonymous said...

Why are women so particular about getting their picture taken? I mean I dislike getting my picture taken as well, but not because I'm going to look ugly in it. I just dislike people touching themselves to pictures of me. Good luck with your interview, and I'll be the only one carrying you.

LewisH2012 said...

They will be throwing money at you HA LSNOL!!!