Tuesday, March 27, 2012


There is something I've forgotten to complain about!

(Note: This entire post is going to be me ranting about my teacher being an asshole. You have been warned.)

Remember that dick teacher who asked that chick if she wanted to sing that song that I really wanted to sing, right in front of my face? No? Here's the link:

Anyway. On the sound check on Friday when we were going through the song I played on, the sound totally freakin' failed. There was no sound on the bass. Heck, there was almost no sound on the drums (how the hell?), and somebody had fucked with my pedal board, so that when I let go of my guitar strings there was the most intense feedback ever. I tried striking a few chords, and it was the death metaliest sound ever. And I was just gonna have a little distortion to roughen up that cute little song. I posted it a while back if you want to hear it.

So anyway, it was pretty obvious that it was NOT our fault that the sound was all fucked up, right? You'd think so. After that horrendous experience (because seriously, nobody likes to fuck up on stage, even if they weren't the ones fucking up), the same shitbag teacher from before walked up to me like
"I think it's better if you just play the tambourine on this song, June."
SERIOUSLY? THE FUCK? Of course, I argued with him. And he just wouldn't let it go. I told him it wasn't my fault. I had like 5 people backing me up there. But he just wouldn't let it go.
"It's just better this way. You didn't start playing where you were supposed to. Just... Stop doing this. It has to be this way. Just play the tambourine."
Asshole. ASSHOLE. I mean, why? Why wouldn't he let it go? Should we drop the bass and drums as well, since they weren't working either? Why did I have to be the one who wouldn't be allowed to play because the sound technicians fucked something up? I was furious. Controllably furious. Until he said this.

"I hope this doesn't ruin this whole experience for you."

... Lol.
Seriously? SERIOUSLY? He takes away the only thing I was going to do, because of something that wasn't my fault, and he hopes it won't matter to me?
I was so angry I just started crying. Which was super awkward, but fixed the situations. Because the project leaders saw it, asked what was wrong, and told me it wasn't even his decision to make, so I should just show up there next morning and show him. And I did.

Random image because people who read blogs like images.

After every show, he walked up to me and said "It's great that the sound worked out this time! Well played!"
That man sure got some nerve. Wow. First he tries to sabotage me, then praises me and acts like my best friend. Asshole teacher. I'm never going to his piano classes again.


Noxiousdoctrine said...

What a fucking cunt, nigger, asshole, slut, cum guzzling, whore of a teacher. In fact, he shouldn't even be considered a teacher. That's some really fucked up shit. He is obviously oblivious to your innate talent, being able to say such things. Hopefully the shit cleared from his eyes after you gave an amazing performance.

LewisH2012 said...

WOW don't freak out