Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Picture delay

This chick in my class took a whole bunch of pictures yesterday, and I was thinking I'd put them up here. I also thought she'd upload them yesterday. They're still not up. So you're just gonna have to wait.

Sorry, Sme, for not blogging until now. I'm at school from 12 - 9. Meaning I'm unavailable from about 10 - 10. Meaning I'm super busy.

So, the interview went pretty well. Turns out I'm not the only person from Os in this school after all, so we were three people getting interviewed. That was the okay part. The awkward part was when she wanted me to pose with my guitar on stage, and took a buttload of awkward pictures. I'm very sure she's going to use the one where I accidentally laughed. I assume I looked somewhat like this:

Anyway. We got through the entire musical yesterday. The first day we even tried. So things are going pretty well and stuff. I'm super tired. Only one week to go!

Murder me


Noxiousdoctrine said...

Sounds like things went better than expected. I'm sure you'll find a decent picture of yourself in the article, if any at all. Oh, and I'll be there shortly to murder you. I hope we can make mochi first.

LewisH2012 said...

She is going to use that picture to pleasure herself if you get what I mean (if you don't you are a proper retard)