Friday, March 16, 2012

Statu Variabilis

Hi, Sme. Thank you for reading my blog.

I need to learn the lyrics for Carl Orff's O Fortuna, the opening of his masterpiece Carmina Burana. Within a week. I hate learning latin lyrics. They don't make sense. Like last year, we learnt Shubert's messe no. 6 in E sharp minor. 95 pages of notes and latin lyrics.
But I mean, we didn't have to learn the lyrics by heart like we do now.

O fortuna, velut luna, statu variabilis.

Just look at those lyrics. They make so little sense even when you know what they mean. Fuck this shit, I'm gonna watch Star Wars.


LewisH2012 said...

Wow a girl that watchs star wars I geuss you're not that bad