Monday, December 10, 2012

Things my cat likes to do

* Constantly wag her tail
* Bite my face when I sleep
* Lick my belly button when I sleep
* Lick my lady parts when I sleep
* Sit on my face when I sleep
* Suddenly wake up, jump, and run into walls
* Shower
* Bathe in sink
* Sleep in sink
* Sit in sink
* Eat toilet paper
* Break stuff
* Meow at walls
* Hide behind corners and attack my legs when I walk by

In other news I got a haircut.

It's still wet and I'm probably going to have a smashing fro when it finally dries. The hairdresser spent an hour and a half on this. I seriously have no idea how she did that. And after that I took the wrong bus because I forgot to bring my cell phone and didn't have a watch. Alltogether I've waited in the freezing cold (-10C/14F) for almost one hour. With frozen-solid hair.

I did however get some christmas shopping done, and the haircut. So I guess it's okay.

Super interesting fact of today: Quality standards for pasta were set in the 13th century by the pope.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Stuff has happened

Hey guise.

So! I turned 18 some time ago, and it was awesome. I completely take back my emo rant because my best friend came to my party after all. It's all good.

So, three weeks ago some friends and I started a band, and so far we've started putting together one song. Which I think is great progress, considering we only have rehearsals once a week. The song has a western feeling to it which I don't normally like, but this one's turning out pretty cool.

I also got a tattoo of the circle of fifths (wiki), and got the hideous star on my ankle "fixed"... It looks even worse than before now. One leg is almost twice the length of the others. I have no idea how he did that. The circle of fifths tattoo is not placed correctly on my arm either, but I'm just going to have to live with that. It bothers me how he could make so many mistakes when he is a practicing professional, though. And I guess you could say it's partially my fault too for not noticing. I'm going back in as soon as the star has healed.

Other than that, I changed my main instrument in school. I now sing. Classical stuff, at that. There's a concert coming up where I'm singing Panis Angelicus with a girl in my class. I did NOT sign up for this, and I'm not sure if I can do it. Me and the girl have never sung together, and I haven't even heard her sing. I hope our voices go together well. I've never heard anything but solo versions of the song, so I'm excited to hear a duet version. Hopefully we can cancel our performance if it doesn't work out.

Super interesting fact of today: Dalmatians are born without spots.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Birthday's coming up

As I'm sure you all know, my birthday's on Wednesday. I'm turning 18, which means I can finally buy my own fucking cigarettes. Among other things.

I'm having a party with a few friends on Friday. When I say a few, I really do mean a few. I invited like 12 people and only three are actually coming. It's fucking depressing, especially since one of my best friends apparently forgot I invited him weeks ago and is going to his classmate's birthday party instead. Psh. Oh well.
It's gotten to the point where I'm not sure if I can even be bothered having the party after all. My friend Malene has been so great lately, she's planned out this entire week just to make sure I get super drunk every day, and that my party is awesome. Just a shame nobody's coming. She had to invite some of her own friends whom I've never met so that there would be people there, which I'm not really okay with. Who wants strangers at their birthday party?

Anyway, just needed to leave this emo rant somewhere, and since I have this blog that apparently nobody reads anymore anyway, why not?

Super interesting fact of today: Oysters can change their gender.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Pain everywhere

As the title suggests, my entire fucking body (stomach and chest) hurts. You may be wondering why, dear readers, and that is because I went to the gym yesterday.



It's not really that big of a deal anymore since that was the seventh time I went.
And now I have to run for PE class. Can this get any better?

I feel the pounds melting off me, hear you me.

Super interesting fact of today: Eating dandelions could make you pee more. I don't see why anyone would eat dandelions, though.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Retarded kitty

Today I woke up because my kitty was licking my belly button. And that's not even what really woke me up. That was when she dug her nails into my tummy and tried to push her entire head into my fucking navel.

I was going to go to the city with my friend today. She was getting her belly button pierced, and I needed to be there for support. Now, before I say anything else, she's not a pussy. And if I don't explain this and she reads it she'll probably murder me. She had her appendix removed, and the piercing would have to go through a lot of scar tissue and that's painful and shiz.

Okay, this is retarded. I'm going to stop blogging until someone tells me what they want to read about.
Later guise!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Oh, and guys

I'm pretty much out of ideas on what to write about lately, so if there is anything specific you'd like to see here, just let me know.

I'll even do vlogs*. But only if I really, really have to.

School starts on Monday the 20th, so hopefully I'll have more stuff to blog about since I won't be sitting on my ass all day roaming the internets and playing The Sims 3.

*I'll never ever do a vlog

Soft kitty, warm kitty

I have recently (a month ago) aquired a kitten. She is adorable.
She's really lazy except from 2am-5am. Which, incidentally, is the middle of the night where I usually try to enjoy a good night's sleep. She likes to attack my feet. And my eyelashes, from time to time. But I spray her in the face with a water bottle every time she does that at night, so she's starting to learn that it's not such a good idea.
She also likes to sleep on my boobs, which I do not object to. Have you ever slept with a warm little kitten on you? It's the best thing ever. Even better than sliced bread.

That is all for now because it's 2am. I may get back to you later. With a new music video from the guys who brought you "Escal8r" and "Swag". You know, the ones I posted a while back? No? Well, scroll the fuck down, then.

Super interesting fact of today: Dolphins sometimes drag people into underwater caves to rape and kill them. Be careful out there!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Lorem Ipsum Dolor Sit Amet

I haven't been writing for a while, sorry.

What's new? Not much. The tomatoes are ripe. We got a grape tree. My Dutch friend is coming to see me on the 29th.

Oh and also I may not be able to continue my education because my fucking shrink forgot to send in some papers that were crucial. Oh well.

Other than that I want to dye my hair blue again. I also want a new wardrobe. I also want to move out.

See this messy blog post? It's the reason I haven't been writing for a while. If I was following a blog I would want them to write about how awesome their life was and how many friends they have and the cool new stuff they bought and their friends being awesome and their life being awesome and the sunny, hot weather because it's midsummer and it's not supposed to be raining every fucking day.

I'll be back when I get my shit fixed up. Or before that. I don't really know.

I'm out of super interesting facts right now, sorry.

Monday, June 25, 2012

You win this time, mosquito

You can't really tell, but half my face is all swollen because of some scumbag mosquito. This is the worst allergy ever. Hence the super angry face.

Super interesting fact of today: I have no life

Monday, June 18, 2012


So, today about half our class visited Ada, who's not going to be in our class, or even the same school anymore next year. It feels weird. She's not a person I talk to a lot, but it's still going to be odd in the fall when she's not there. And it will be even weirder when Kim isn't there. Seriously, it's going to be super weird. I hang out with him every day in school. I'm determined to stay in touch, even though it's going to be tough with the demanding choice of major we have and whatnot. It just feels really lame. People always leave. It's a fact of life I guess, but I never get used to it.

I'm really weathersick today. Ever since the last day of school it's been really cloudy and humid and gloomy. I don't like this. I also had a dream about someone that I used to know, and when I fell asleep after waking up from it I kept dreaming that he was in my room and I was talking to him. I woke up and fell asleep again about six or seven times and it happened every time. It was a little disturbing. I wish I knew a way to contact him, it would be nice to be able to talk to him again.

Today just isn't a good day.

Sunday, June 17, 2012


I went to IKEA with my family yesterday. I actually had a really good day, the best in a very long time, actually. I'm not sure why. It was great, even though it wasn't anything special.

I got a lot of new stuff for my room. And by that I mean two shelves, some decorations and a new bed. Finally. The one I had before was so awful that I'd just rather sleep on the sofa some days. I don't think I've ever slept as well as I did last night. I love this bed and I intend to marry it.

Tomorrow I'm going to a party. Or not a party in the sense of alcohol and everything that follows. A girl in my class is having the entire class over because she's going to change schools next year. My best friend Kim is taking the opportunity to let everyone know that he's changing schools as well. With him leaving I only have one friend left at school. All my other friends are graduating. This supersucks.

I don't have more stuff to write. My life is pretty boring. Today I've done nothing but watch Japanese movies. So far I've watched one with 13 horror stories, and another horror movie called The Infection (kansen), and now I'm in the process of watching Nobody Knows (daremo shiranai) which is a drama, and surprisingly a good one. It's about four children living with their mom, and then the mom falls in love with a guy and abandons her kids. It's incredibly sad. In fact I'll post the first part here so you can watch it, even though I know none of you will.

Super interesting fact of today: One out of twenty people have an extra rib.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Oh dear

I just edited my design. I don't know how to get the old one back, so you'll just have to live with this and also pretend it's super pretty and better than the previous one.

Tomatoes gonna tomate

Did I ever tell you guys that we have a winter garden in our new house? 'Cause we totally do. And we're growing tons of stuff there. Parsley, olives, flowers (obviously), mango, pineapple, tangerines and tomatoes.

The tomatoes have grown a whole lot lately, and they're even starting to grow actual tomatoes! We have a bunch of tomato plants, so very soon we'll have more tomatoes than we can eat. It probably sounds cheesy, but food does taste much better when you grow it yourself!

You can see the olive tree in there somewhere if you try very hard.
Some of the tomatoes.
I'm pretty proud of the last picture. It took me a while to get it, because the camera insisted on focusing on the rocks outside the window... Needless to say, I'm not very good with cameras.

Oh, and last weekend we went to our summer house in the middle of nowhere. In other words, where my stepfather's from. He built the house himself just before he met mom, so it's rather big. Makes me feel all posh and stuff. We have two people renting apartments in the basement.
We have the greatest view there. In the living room, we have sort of panorama windows out towards the sea. Of course somebody had to ruin our view by placing a huge-ass fish farm there... Anyway, I captured this sunset. And believe me, this picture does it no justice at all. It was amazing. Taken at about 11:30pm.
... It doesn't look magnificent at all. Stupid camera.

While I was there I got to see some of my old friends again. I don't think I've been there since Christmas, and I usually go every holiday and some weekends. I lived there for about a year, actually. Last year.
I wanted to see my friends on Saturday as well, because most of them were going to prom that Friday. Just my luck... But that day we had to go to my stepfather's mom's 70th birthday. It was really awkward, because I have no relationship with his family at all. And just to make it even more awkward, my step-cousins, I guess you could call them, brought their girlfriends. Is that a normal thing to do? I sure as hell would never want to go to my boyfriend's grandma's birthday. Awkward.
Somebody took this picture of me teaching Daniel how to play some card game. We had a pretty good time.
No we do not look awkward ever.
Well, I should probably get ready for school now. As I mentioned, last day today. And I'm getting my grades. And I might as well kill myself right now and get it over with.

Super interesting fact of today: Serving ice cream on cherry pie was once illegal in Kansas.

Thursday, June 14, 2012


It's been a while. Is anybody still there?

Last Thursday the strike suddenly ended. Just as I'd gotten used to it! It was awful in the start, but we didn't really have much left to do anyway, so it's not like we got a pile of work dropped on us while we were still in summer mode.

Loljk, we did.

Our geography teacher expected us to finish a 10 minute presentation of population stats over x years for some part of the country. Now, that doesn't sound so bad, and we'd already started the project before the strike, so it shouldn't be a problem, right?
False. He changed all the groups and expected us to come up with our presentations in one day. Unfortunately I was sick that day and could not go to school. Really. I was.

Other than that we had a math test on Wednesday. Yesterday, that is. Which was great, because had it not been for that test I'd have failed the subject. I now barely pass it, with the grade 2. Which is equivalent to I have no idea in American. 2 out of 6, anyways.

But lately I've been a bit depressed, to be honest. I know I should be happy and careless now that school's almost over, but I may not pass the year because I'm failing too many subjects. If I fail 3 or more I won't pass. Of course, my psychiatrist can help me get in the next year and whatnot, but I just really feel like such a failure. I've been sick most of this entire school year and I probably have over 70% absence. I guess it's a wonder that I passed some of my subjects at all, eh?

Oh well, it's too late to do anything about it now. I'm just gonna cross my fingers and hope that everything turns out fine, because if it doesn't that ruins every plan I've ever made for my future, and that would suck a lot. It's not like I can do anything about it anymore either. Tomorrow is our last day of school before summer break, and we'll be getting our grades. I'm pretty anxious about it. I hope I don't fail too many classes, because then I'd probably cry, and it would be awkward to cry at school on the last day celebration.
Maybe I should just not look at them until I get home. Yes, that sounds like a marvelous plan.

I'm thinking of maybe changing my main instrument next year if I get in. It's not that I don't enjoy playing guitar, it's just that I don't like being told what to do. Now while this might sound idiotic, it's something I just can't let go of and it's keeping me from learning anything. I want to learn how to sing properly instead. We had singing classes last year, and I really enjoyed it. I really do love to sing, and I feel like I can improve a lot if I learn professionally, even if it's just for a year. And I think I can get a better grade in singing than I did in guitar. This year I got a 3... Which is bad for your main instrument. It's supposed to be the think you're really good at. Stupid teachers, evaluating me on the same level as the others who've taken guitar classes since they were 4 and have virtuoso parents.

Somebody tell me that it's a good idea that I should go through with. I need some encouragement here.

This is the part where I'm supposed to make up for the lack of blogging lately with a super awesome story about something incredibly that I've done, right?
Yeah, I've got nothing. Hopefully somebody'll take some pictures tomorrow and then I could blog them and you can all be happy. Yay!

Oh, and Lewis: I get my random facts from google, and from watching TV. QI is a cool show.

Obscure song of today:

Super interesting fact of tonight: In Belgium, there is a museum just for strawberries.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Master chef

Hi all, I've got my sleeping pattern back on track! Around midnight nowadays I'm so tired I can't keep my eyes open... Which isn't all that great, because they've started showing Midsumer Murders again on Fridays, and it lasts 'till around midnight. I was really psyched to watch it last night, but fell asleep just before the conclusion in the second episode. Meh! Hopefully it'll get better. I guess I was sleep deprived anyway.

I've got two new plants! A cactus and a dionaea. Or a venus fly trap. I had a dionaea before, but then I left it somewhere for just two or three days and they'd managed to kill it. Even though they'd watered it! Maybe they gave it wrong water... They don't like hard water. I even got the same flowerpot for my new dionaea as I used for the old one. I have no idea where the old pot even is. Anyway, I'm thinking I want to name my new plants, just because reasons. My old dionaea was named Daniel, for obvious reasons. At least they should be obvious. I think so. My point is, does anybody have any ideas? I'm all out. Here's a picture of my new lovelies.

Best flowerpot ever. Roar!

I cooked yesterday! I've wanted home-made tomato soup for so long. Actually ever since we finished performing (in April sometime, if I'm not wrong?), because that's what we were served after our last performance, and I'd actually never had it before. I've had the bagged kind, you know, mix powder with water, heat up, eat. There's a world of difference in taste, though.
Anyway, my brother actually got a recipe book at school. Obviously, it's meant for the parents... It's full of recipes that are specifically made for children to like them. I was a little disappointed in the taste of the finished product, because it was so mild, and the one I'd had before was like something exploding in your mouth. I guess I'll have to use a different recipe next time. This one had cream in it, I think that's what's ruined everything.

I have no idea what I'm doing
I look like a raccoon because I'd been chopping onions.

Daniel insisted he be in the picture.

I feel like I'm giving constant updates on the weather, but it really is necessary! It's gone cold and rainy again. We had one week of nice weather. One week. Why, Norway. Why? I almost froze my butt off when I was out with Lily. And I was wearing long tights and even a jacket. The worst part is that the meteorologists on our side of the country are on strike, so we get no forecast at the time. There's really a lot of striking going on here lately. Teachers, meteorologists, scientists, even the airport security guards. Oh well. Luckily I'm not going anywhere.
And in case you haven't learnt yet... Click any picture to enlarge.

Super interesting fact of today: The blue whale's penis is 5 meters long.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012


My friend Lily just came back to Norway yesterday, after being in Ohio for a year. I'm hoping on seeing her as soon as possible. Gotta say I'm psyched. I've been to the US, but I honestly can't imagine what it would be like to live there. For the record, Lily is the one I'll be moving with. To New Jersey, that is. She's a musician too, and we're thinking that hell, maybe we'll get lucky and break through while we're there for college. And I don't want to hear your shit about how that's never going to happen. I've had enough discouragement already.

Lily is a pianist and a singer, I'm a guitarist and a singer. Personally I think it's a great combo. Although I'd rather be playing rock, I like doing ballads as well, and who says I can't do both? Maybe I'll find a band over there. I can't find any here, that's for sure. It seems like every band in my area needs a drummer. And if they do need a guitarist, they need a fucking super shredder, and they play death metal. Which isn't really my style. I found a band who played music that I actually like, but I never heard back from them, and they were even the ones asking if I were interested... Geez. Some people.

I'm hoping I'll get to see her as early as today. I still don't have school, so that'd be just perfect. I'm just sitting around all day anyway. I'm actually kinda nervous about what to wear when I meet her, because she's into fashion, and I'd like to not look like a fool walking beside her. I guess I'll just wear my killer heels. Even though I always twist my ankle wearing them. You guys just be happy you don't have to wear that shit.

My sleep pattern is all over the place lately. I can sleep anytime. Anytime at all. Except at night. It's incredibly frustrating, and I can't seem to be able to do anything about it, either. I read somewhere that in order to reset your sleep pattern you'd have to fast for 20 hours or something, and the time you ate again would be what your body thought of as "morning". Not sure if this would work. But I haven't eaten in 20 hours, actually. I ate breakfast at 9 and slept from 12 'till 2am. Wait, it's 6am now. That would mean I haven't eaten in 21 hours. I think. Not sure. Brain isn't functioning properly.

Oh, and I've noticed I have one or more readers from Russia who checks in quite often but never comments. I wonder who they are.

Here's a song for you because I was listening to it.

Super interesting fact of today: In Albania, nodding your head means "no" and shaking your head means "yes".

Monday, May 28, 2012

I don't even

My mom just slapped me in the face with a cheese.

Other than that - weather's still nice, but not quite as warm, which suits me just fine. I think we're going to the beach later. Right now I'm watching Cartoon Network with my brother, "Tom and Jerry kids". Why. They even dubbed it to Norwegian.


Other than that, I'm still having a whole lot of trouble sleeping. I can't remember the last time I slept at night. I usually just have naps randomly throughout the day. Which, of course, is a bad idea, but even if I don't have them I can't sleep at night.

Spotted a cat earlier this morning. It meowed at me, so I went outside to it and petted it for ages. Turns out it was shedding like crazy and needed me to scratch/pet it off. Of course I'd just applied sunscreen before going outside, so I looked like a gorilla afterwards. I still have cat all over me. I even inhaled a hair.

I'm still playing a lot of Sims. In the family I'm currently playing, both the parents died while their kid was still a teen.

Was totally sad, man. Seriously. I felt sad about it. But I won't rant about Sims here. I should probably make my own blog just for ranting about Sims. Yeah. I should do that.


Achievement unlocked:

- Eat 4 pounds of chocolate in 10 days.

So, I haven't been blogging much lately. Sorry about that. It's because I haven't been doing much lately. See, on Thursday the teachers of our school went on strike. On a strike. Urk. You get my point.
(damn you, Norwegian brain!)
So I haven't been to school since, and I also very unfortunatly lost my math exam because of this. I admit I have been swimming in my own tears these past few days.

While we're on the subject of swimming, the weather is super-fucking-nice lately. I seriously can't believe it. I know that it's summer time and it is to be expected, but I was expecting it to happen gradually. Which was not the case over here. One day it was randomly snowing, and it was 5°C (that's 41°F), which shouldn't at all be happening in the first place since water freezes at 0°C (that's 32°F. God, Fahrenheit is lame.) Then the next three days or so rain was just pouring down all over the place, and it was windy as fuck. We even had a storm in there somehere. Then the day after...


30°C. 86°F. I mean what the hell. How does that even happen. How is that even possible. It's been around 20°C-30°C (68°F-86°F) now the past week or so. Mom had to take me emergency shopping because I didn't have any clothes skimpy enough to survive in this scorching hot weather. Wtf, Norway. Wtf. You're supposed to be ice cold, with polar bears walking the streets and such.

Can't complain, though. This is what we go on holidays for.
(I will never ever write about degrees again in my life. And if I do, you'll just have to convert them yourself.)

Mom wants me to go to the beach with her and my brother tomorrow, which would be great if I didn't have this ugly-ass tattoo on my ankle that she doesn't know about. I guess I'll be wearing socks and converse. Won't be THAT suspicious.

Who am I kidding. Who the fuck wears converse to the beach. People walk barefoot on the beach. I'll just tell her that I have a wound or something that I don't wanna get stuff in. Luckily my psychiatrist is coming over on tuesday, I think, so I can tell her. I feel like I'm gonna need some backing up when I do, because let's face it - letting a guy tattoo you just because he has the equipment isn't really a super great idea. I honestly do deserve all the shit she's gonna give me for it. But that doesn't mean I want it.

I hope mom doesn't read my blog.

Super interesting fact of tonight: Prosopagnosia refers to the inability to identify people by their faces. In severe cases of prosopagnosia a person may not be able to identify themselves in a mirror.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Royal Family

Today I saw the King of Norway. In person. I also saw the rest of the Royal Family. But not so close up. I stood maybe 10 feet away from the king as he walked by. He's really awesome. He looks like this:

Don't know why, but it felt really awesome. Also it was scorching hot today. I swear to god there wasn't much difference from Florida at this time of year, except it's less humid here.

... Which means, of course

Florida - 0 - 1 - Norway

That's about it, because I'm really tired. I didn't sleep last night. Did I mention my sleep-every-other-day-pattern? I hope I did. In case not, I did now.

I have a math exam on Friday. I'll know around midnight if the teachers will go on a strike or not. Hopefully they will, because then I won't have to have that stupid math exam at all and it won't be my fault. Which would be completely fine by me because then I'd probably also pass maths. Which would be a very, very good thing.

Interesting fact of-- lol jk, you already got one today and I'm really tired. Tatah.

Today I shall wear sunscreen!

And shorts! Oh dear, oh dear.

Many of you may just not comprehend how big a sensation this is for us Norwegians. I'm not even lying when I say that some years we have only about two weeks of sunscreen-and-shorts-worthy weather. I am thrilled. I even have a sunburn on my nose. The fact that this is a happy thing for me should explain a thing or two.

It's 7am and I haven't slept. I'm developing a pattern of a kind. A weird one, at that. At the time I'm only sleeping every other night, and it's actually working for me somehow. Surely this can't be healthy?

Allow me to include a picture of myself and my sunscreen. I would also have included my freshly-shaved, sunscreen-slathered legs, but I'm just not that flexible.

I now realize that bloggers are supposed to use nice pictures of themself looking not like a maniac decent. Well, fuck. Can't say I give a shit, because the weather is freaking awesome and I get to wear shorts and show off my hideous basement tattoo. And I didn't sleep tonight, meaning I could get up early and shower and shave my legs and yay. I'm usually not able to shower in the mornings because I spend eternities in there (I seriously don't even know why myself, must be a glitch in the matrix), and my hair takes 3-6 hours to dry. Yes, it takes six hours in the winter. Yay thick, curly hair!

Well, I suppose I should go drink coffee or something now. I don't know what people do in the mornings. I usually tend to throw on some clothes, brush my teeth and bolt out the door.

The times I actually manage to get up in time for school, that is.

Mentality, why must you do this to me. Why.

I've also taken up the same project as you, my dear reader. You know who you are. I don't know your name. I'm just going to dump your blog here so people get the point. Do tell if you are in any way offended by this.  <- the blog

I've taken three pictures. So far so good. Wonder how long I can keep up with this. Wonder if I should use a new DailyBooth account to do this instead.

Super interesting fact of the morning: Japanese research has concluded that moderate drinking can boost IQ levels.

(Also woohoo, this is my 50th post.)

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Oh bitch hell no

A girl posted an Annoying Facebook Girl meme to my facebook wall.
Can't help but wondering if I am, in fact, one.
Thinking of just deleting my facebook for this.

And for Lewis:

Yes, the Mythbusters managed to fold a piece of paper 11 times. But they used a piece of paper the size of a fucking football field, and also a steamroller and a forklift.)

Interesting fact of today: The Titanic was the first ship to ever use the SOS signal.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Well, that's unusual

I just got home from school. When I walked out of the bus and crossed the street, the man in the car that stopped for me called to me and said

"Hey, are you crossing here?"

And well, I was, so I told him yes. He held something out the window and asked me if I could come closer to the car (creepy, yes, but there were like a million other people there, so what could happen?). Then he handed me what he was holding. It was a CD. "Papa Slide - What Are We Livin' For". He told me to pass it on to everyone else I knew who played guitar, and he told me to learn to play slide. Then he told me that I had to cross the street, which I had completely forgotten about because hey, I got pretty puzzled.

Not sure if weird or genius way of promoting your music.

Sorry for weird and too bright picture. It's super sunny today. And really really hot! I wasn't prepared for it at all and ended up wearing too many clothes when I thought I was really wearing too little.

Andddd the guy I was dating not too long ago, who dumped me because he didn't want a relationship, is now in a relationship.
Lol ok, thanks.

Also my cell phone is being a bitch lately and refuses to charge from time to time. It also will not always send or recieve text messages, and if I send someone a picture it will take anywhere between two weeks and two months before the other part recieves it.

I'm really tired right now. Thank god it's getting semi-late. It's 4:30pm. I didn't sleep at all last night, and I fell asleep on the bus on my way home which was pretty awkward. I hate sleeping in public, especially when I wake up and find that my mouth is wide open or something.

Super interesting fact of today: Venus is the only planet that rotates clockwise.

Summary of the past days

Ate a fuckload of chocolate. Played The Sims 3 all day. Pretended to study for my math exam on monday.
Thought I had a lot of time on my hands, so I didn't have to start 'till tomorrow.

Ate a fuckload of chocolate. Played The Sims 3 all day. Opened my math book and read the first page. Thought I had a lot of time on my hands, so I didn't have to start 'till tomorrow. Decided to uninstall The Sims 3 so it wouldn't distract me, but downloaded the file again so I could install it again soon.

(2am: installed The Sims 3 and a new expansion pack. Played it until 7am.)

Ate a fuckload of chocolate. Realized the exam is tomorrow and I haven't done shit. Proceeded to read three pages in my math book. Realized I'd forgotten everything in there and I had very little time to learn 200 pages of math. Found the math exam from last year, opened it, looked at the very first task. Cried my eyes out because I didn't understand shit of it. Proceeded to play The Sims 3 and cry.

Posted my worries on Facebook. Found out that my exam is on Friday.

Exploded with joy.

Proceeded to celebrate with The Sims 3 and chocolate.

Super interesting fact of tonight: No piece of paper can be folded in half more than 7 times.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Jesus christ

I just ate one pound of chocolate in a go.

inb4 diabetes.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

May 17th

So today is the Norwegian Constitution day. (you can read about it here)
I was supposed to hang out with two friends of mine in the city around 2pm. Got a text around 12 saying that they weren't able to come after all. Lol, fuckers.

I thought I was gonna be forever alone all day, but then I found someone else to be with. I had a good time, even though walking in three-inch heels is enough to ruin anyone's day. Also it was rather cold. But it doesn't matter, because I had a good day. Here's a picture of me and Daniel.

(click to enlarge)

(Yes, he always looks like a serial killer in pictures.)

In town we just walked around, looking at all the random stuff they were selling in the booths. SO. MANY. BOOTHS. All of them sold pretty much the same stuff, though. T-shirts, zippo lighters, candy. Things that make noise. That kinda stuff.

There were also a lot of fun fairs spread all over the place. We didn't take any rides (because the guy I was with is a pussy and it's not fun to go alone), but we played some games. Including the wheel of fortune.


Sorry to ruin anyone's impressions that I don't look like a pig when I'm smiling.

Well, that pretty much sums up the day. Didn't eat any traditional food or walk in any parades. Didn't eat ice cream or hotdogs, although I guess that would go under traditional food. I forgot my flag at home, though, so that kinda sucked. Although I suppose it was all for the best, since it would've been a pain to carry it around along with THAT HUGE-ASS PIECE OF MOTHERFUCKING CHOCOLATE.

That is all. Have a great evening.

Super interesting fact of today: Eating eight strawberries will provide you with more vitamin C than an orange.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Wtf, brain

I was so sure I wanted to dye my hair red, and I've thought about it for a long time. But now I'm getting all nervous about it all of a sudden. Wtf.

My stepfather brought all my painting stuff from the other house. I was never a good painter, but I decided to try again. I'm using oil paint, so it's really difficult and the layers take a long time to dry. I'm experimenting with stroke patterns. Right now I'm trying to paint a portrait. I have a problem painting eyes (drawing them is easy, but...), so I decided to kind of paint the entire eyeball first, then add eyelids. So I get the proportions right and stuff. The result is a really freaking scary half-finished painting that's always staring at me. I'd better finish this up as soon as possible.

I love the smell of turpentine. Reminds me of mango.

Other than that I've been doing some stalking, and found out that Dakota Rose is editing her photos and videos, and does in fact not look anything like that at all. Ego boost. I still love the way she does her makeup, though, and I've started doing something similar.
I kinda feel bad for her. Since she's been fooling everyone with her editing, she's getting a whole lot of hate. She kind of had it coming though, telling so many lies.

You can read more about the true Dakota Rose here. It is albeit not a very neutral article.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I have decided

To dye my hair dark red, like I've always wanted. I have also decided that it will look good. Period.
(lol funny. Because it's red, right... no?)

I also want to buy some new clothes. I want a jumpsuit. I've always wanted a jumpsuit. Like this.

Or even better, this.

I also want new skirts. And shirts. And jeans, because I have none. And I also want Dakota Rose's face. And body. And life. Gosh, she is wonderful. I heard she had a nose job, though, so I don't feel -as- ugly.

Nevermind. I do.


I know the coolest people

Man. I just found this. I know these people. Bandana guy has even touched my boob.

I have the coolest friends. Swagswagswagswagswag.

Super interesting fact of today: When hippos get upset, their sweat turns red. And you probably already know that hippo milk is pink.

I need your help!

I took my lip rings out. I need you guys to tell me if I should keep it that way or put them back in.



Excuse my weird-lookingness. Oh, and I need answers quick, in case it heals!

Monday, May 14, 2012

To be truthful

I don't really feel like blogging lately. I also don't have much to blog about. I haven't been feeling so well.
(I wanted to add "lately" to each of those statements, but it would've looked dumb.)
And I'm still on my period. This may or may not be related to my less than fantastic mood. I'll probably die soon or something.

I'll be back sometime, though. In less than a week. Promise.

Super interesting fact of today: Turtles can breathe through their butts.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

What the hell, uterus

I've had my period for 15 days now. It doesn't show signs of stopping.
(And I've brought some corn for popping, har-de-dar... no?)

In case I die, I want to thank you all for reading my blog. That is all.


I've told most of my four regular readers about this already. I know. I know. But there is this game, and it's totally awesome, and it's called

(insert dramatic music here)

Anyway, it's a really awesome game, and everyone should play it. Not only because it's awesome, but because it's in beta and they need people to help them find bugs so they can fix them and stuff.
(I expect everyone to have stopped reading at this point.)
Also I need someone to play with, because my Pokébuddy Luke isn't online 24/7 like me. Loser.

Oh, and. About the game itself. You've probably played the regular Pokémon games for Gameboy and DS. Gold, sapphire, whatever. Those games. You know what I'm talking about. Pokémonium is just like those.

In Pokémonium, you can play in Johto, Kanto, Sinnoh AND Hoenn! And here comes the best part...

(more dramatic music)

So as you can clearly understand, this game is awesome. And everyone should play it. It's not that I don't enjoy playing with you, Luke. But it's always cool to have more than one friend. 

I just realized that the yellow and red is going to look awful on my blog layout. Oh well. Pokémon colors are Pokémon colors.
(EDIT: It did look awful. I had to change it and stuff.)
Anyway, if you decide you want to try out the game, click this link. My in-game username is Chuukai

Interesting fact of today: When you blush, the lining of your stomach also turns red.

Am I the only one wondering how they find out this kinda stuff?

Monday, May 7, 2012

Dear readers.

Since I now have people who actually read my blog, I'd like to know what you like reading about and what you don't like reading about. Also are there other things you'd like me to add? I mean, we all know people who read blogs like pictures. But I don't know what kind of pictures I'd blog.

Seriously though, please tell me what to do here. I'm also kinda running out of ideas here. I was thinking this blog-about-your-life thing would be pretty easy and interesting. I guess not when all you do is sit at home and watch MLP and look at funny pictures on the interwebs.

So, besides that I got to sleep in today. We were originally throwing a birthday party for my stepfather, but then he and my brother started barfing all over the place. And you know how when that happens you're just waiting to barf yourself, right? It's awful. I feel sick. All. The. Time. Wish I could just be sick and get it over with.
(Also then I wouldn't have to go to school which would be good because I forgot to practice for piano class.)
(Also it's 3:30am and I have to get up at 7:00 and gee I really do feel sick wtf.)
(Then again I've been practicing like a god for guitar class)
(And we have two tests this week so I should probably fetch my books so I can study or something (Lol as if) since the first test is on Tuesday.)

Oh oh and also I've been having unexpected amounts of money lately. I just assumed my bank had run dry so I never check anymore, and then when I did check I had quite a lot. And by that I mean about 150 bucks. But I spent 70 of them on new guitar strings. But I still have some left. And by "some" I mean an assload. I'm used to having the odd 30-40 bucks a couple times a month. So I was thinking I'd buy a nice present for my friend's daughter. She's having her first birthday on the 19th. Also I was thinking I myself would indulge in these babies:

But they cost 45 bucks and they're hand made and I could probably do it better myself and shipping probably costs more than the headphones themselves. The actual headphones seem to be of good quality though, and I need some new ones. All I have now is earbuds for iPod, and one of them looks like a cat ate it, digested it half-way, then decided to barf it back up. In other words, only one of them works. And it sucks. And these headphones are pretty cool. Someone please tell me to buy them. I need someone to tell me it's okay to buy them because I really want them and I have a lot of money that I need to spend before I spend it on stupid things.


Interesting fact of tonight: There are some ice creams that are 75% air.
(Lays flavored ice cream? Har-de-dar.)

Sunday, May 6, 2012


Why, why, why.

Why do I always get this impulse to cut my hair in the middle of the night.

Why am I stupid enough to follow that impulse.

Why do I own a pair of professional hair scissors.

Why can't I just go to the hairdresser like a normal person.

Luckily I'm not half bad at cutting my hair.
(Loads of practice ohlol)

It could've been lots worse.

Interesting fact of tonight: Hitler only had one testicle.


This is a word that can be used to describe what clouds look like with the moon behind them when it like illuminates the edges of the... no? You don't know what I mean? I wish I had a camera. I'll find something similar on google.

Kinda like that. Except it's 1am and absolutely no light out at all. It was really cool, I swear. Although this is a tad more beautiful.

It was more like this.

But still darker. Anyway, it was awesome. And we have a full moon. They said on the news today that the moon would appear a lot bigger now because reasons, but it doesn't look different to me.

Also I downloaded a new Pokémon game. It's pretty much like the regular games for Gameboy and DS, but multiplayer. It's totally neat. It's still in beta and really glitchy, and I feel kinda important to get to be a part of finding and reporting glitches to help make the game better. Even though it's open for everyone. It's called Pokémonium and you can find it here.
My username in-game and in the forums is Cilantria if you want to add me!

Interesting fact of the day: Sharks are immune to cancer.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Restringed my acoustic!

Which means it will be unplayable for about a week or two. Hurr.

Mom, why did you had to leave the guitar in the winter garden. You know what happens when sunrays hit glass. You know all the walls in that room are made entirely out of glass. You know that that particular room gets sun for about 10 hours daily.You know that  that particular room reaches 50 degrees celsius on a good day. WHY WOULD YOU LEAVE A GUITAR OVERNIGHT IN THAT ROOM. ARE YOU AN IDIOT.

No, she just didn't know the strings would snap. She's a computer engineer. Mom, I am disappoint.

Bought new strings for my electric guitar as well. Feels nice to have backup strings for once. I bought 0.10s this time instead of 0.11s. Hopefully it'll make a difference.

This probably only makes sense to me.

Interesting fact of the day: The water inside of a coconut is identical to human blood plasma. 


One of my best friends was like "I'm throwing a pinup-themed coctail party. Do you have any clothes I can borrow?"

Gee, thanks a lot.

Interesting fact of the day: The name Wendy was made up for the book "Peter Pan".

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Random picture not at all aimed at anyone in particular in any way whatsoever

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

My fingers are bleeding

At least one is. I've been practicing like hell, and I gotta say I'm mighty proud at the results. I'm not at all there yet, but I am getting closer to playing like Gary Moore. I'll be playing this for my guitar exam.

(He stops improvising and starts playing the actual piece around 2:14)

Oh Gary.

I also decided to post one interesting fact every day. And by every day I mean in each blog post.

Interesting fact of the day: An ostrich's eyeball is larger than its brain.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Oh, Lewis.

I saw your comment on my previous stats update. It would appear you've become my new faithful reader. Here are the pageviews for this week.

Oh, you.

I suppose I should also fill you all in on what I've done today.
I have watched My Little Pony and The Matrix, and I played a lot of Kalaha with my brother.
I also found my cell phone, which has been missing since Friday. I found it in the pocket of the shorts I was wearing that day.



I've had a lot of pageviews these past few days. I guess this means I have to start writing about things again. Interesting things, at that. Excuse me while I google "interesting things".

1. People who ride on roller coasters have a higher chance of having a blood clot in the brain.
2. People with blue eyes see better in dark.
3. Money isn't made out of paper, it is made out of cotton.
4. A huge underground river runs underneath the Nile, with six times more water than the river above.
5. A tiny amount of liquor on a scorpion will make it go mad instantly and sting itself to death.
6. The human body emits a glow that is 1,000 times less than what our eyes can detect.
7. The USA uses 29% of the world's petrol and 33% of the world's electricity.
8. Wearing headphones for just an hour will increase the bacteria in your ear By 700 times.
9. The animal responsible for the most human deaths world-wide is the mosquito.
10. The pupil of the eye expands as much as 45 percent when a person looks at something pleasing

Well, that was mighty interesting in my opinion, at least. As for other pointless and interesting facts, I have very bad hearing on my right ear. It's been like this for about four years. I still forget it at times and freak out when I can't identify sounds. And I have magical knees that can bend in seemingly impossible ways.
 I find myself looking around me in search of other interesting things to write about. There is a lamp on the floor, which is the only source of light in this room. And I've just downloaded the 12 Pokémon movies. I misplaced my cell phone on Friday and I still can't find it (oh, the horrors of moving to a big house). I'm trying to teach my mother how to play guitar. She knows four chords and expects to learn Nothing Else Matters and Stairway to Heaven with no real difficulty. I've tried to tell her that maybe she should practice chords more to strenghten up her fingers and whatnot. Hopefully she'll take me up on that. I remember how it feels, though. You get your hands on a guitar and think you'll be Slash in no time. It doesn't look that difficult, after all.

We're getting a kitten! Hopefully very soon. And hopefulliest it'll be a snow white one with one green and one blue eye. We actually found a litter that looked just like that, but they were mighty expensive and all. About $1000 for one. I guess just about any cat'll be fine, though, as long as it's a she and I get to call her Venus.

 I am now at that point where I have nothing interesting to do from day to day. I find myself doing nothing but sleeping, smoking and watching My Little Pony. I would like to do something productive. I want to paint, but all my canvases and paint is in our other house. I could draw, but I can't find my color pencils anywhere. Drawing and music's pretty much all I'm good at, and I can't be playing guitar in the middle of the night either. (This is the part where you, dear readers, come up with awesome things for me to do with my time.)

 That's pretty much all I've got for now.  Except for one more interesting thing that you probably already know. You know how when you take a long bath or something, people say your fingers get all wrinkly because your skin absorbs water? Actually our fingers prune up so it'll be easier for us to climb slippery surfaces and stuff. I have no idea why the human body still has this feature. Might come in handy one day, though. If I get thrown into some Hunger Games or something.

 For the record, that movie sucked. Books ftw. Hurr.

 Bye now.

(Jeez, just because of that list I copy-pasted I've had to edit this post about six times.)
(Make that seven.)

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

When will they stop using my picture in every newspaper article?

If you scroll down a bit to the post with the pictures from that huge awesome performance (or click this link), you know that first picture, the one with me and three other girls, the one they used in some newspaper article about a month ago?

They used that same picture in a new article on Friday. I mean, I know I'm awesome and all, but come on.




Gee, Blogger. Thank you so much for changing the entire format of everything. We all need a challenge from time to time. I personally just LOOOVE having to search for 5 minutes before I find the button that lets me WRITE A FUCKING BLOG POST, AND I DON'T KNOW HOW TO CHECK MY COMMENTS AND JESUS WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU ARGHHHHH.

So I'm on my period (which is not blatantly obvious at all), and with my pads I got a free facial mask. Some women just know what a woman needs.

Today is Wednesday. Usually Thursday is the Day of Disaster. Maybe whoever's in charge of fucking my life up lost count or something. So, where to start?

Tuesday, 8:something pm: I find out that I have a math exam on Wednesday. This means I have to get up at 6am sharp. Better finish this meaningless shit I'm doing and get to bed.

Tuesday, 11:something pm: Some random person with a number I don't know and can't track starts texting me just as I was going to sleep. He does not tell me who he is until around 1:30am (don't worry, it was a guy I know), and by that time I was suddenly not at all sleepy at all. So I tried everything. Every technique I have. I will not mention them all (if you know what I mean), but some involve reading horrible romance novels, listening to calm music, lying still in the dark until I fall asleep, and I even have this lamp that can gradiently fade out until the room is pitch black. Which is a more natural and comfortable way to fall asleep.

Wednesday, 4am: I fall asleep.

Wednesday, 11:30am: I wake up. FML.

Wednesday 11:32am: Mom tells me that in two minutes some guy will be in my room to install a doorknob (I've lived here for almost three weeks without a knob on the door to my room, no biggie. At all.).

HOWEVERRRR, I fixed that shit and made the day awesome again. Yesterday some dude finally installed my shower (again, no biggie, I've only lived here for three weeks. PS PS PS we have more than one bathroom, chill.), so what I did was I tidied up the bathroom, put in place my new towels and shit, put my clothes in my awesome walk-in wardrobe (yes. I know.), and took the longest, steamiest shower EVER. Shaved my legs and all. Even exfoliated. Then I put on completely fresh PJs and changed the sheets on my bed. JESUS FUCKING CHRIST WHY DO I NOT DO THIS EVERY DAY.

Because I don't have time.

But still, this is pretty awesome. And since this is a blog and I don't have any pictures for you, here's a song. Because people who read blogs like pictures and songs.

(I'm still angry with you, Blogger, for changing up my shit like that. Not cool.)

I somehow always thought this was a Maroon 5 song. Okay.


Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday 13th

I just noticed it's Friday 13th. This explains why I forgot my lunch.

And it was mashed potatoes, too. Fml. Stupid day. Also I had math and German today. This explains everything.

Stats for this month

Just thought I'd post this because reasons.

I don't even #2

Woke up this morning, blared some music and sang along just to wake up. After about 10 minutes I walked out of my room.

Once again, nobody had cared to tell me that there were workers in our house. At 8am. Dafuq.
They probably heard me singing.
This is awkward.

My computer automatically leeched internet from our neighbors. (good computer!) Still haven't checked if it actually works, though. More as it develops.

Normally I would post a picture here because people who read blogs like pictures. But I don't have anything relevant. I'll just post something completely irrelevant.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

What the actual fuck

Got home from school yesterday around 5:30 as usual. Walked in. No furniture. The mom showed up and was like "Oh, we're moving. I sent you a text."

Lol I don't even.

They'd just thrown everything left in my room in a heap in the corner. Thanks. Real nice. I stuffed it all in whatever bags and suitcases and whatever I could find, and then we were off.

Did I mention that we don't have hot water in the new house? And there are only lights in the kitchen and the hallway. And in my room. Also it's really fucking cold there. Something about a heat cable in the floor with a leak. Which is also why we don't have hot water. No worries though, some dude came to fix it today.

Would've been nice if somebody would've told me that. I was running around the house in only my leotard. In all the commotion yesterday I'd just stuffed things in random bags, so I had no idea where anything was. Do you know how hard it is to find a black leotard in a heap of clothes? Found my ballet slippers 5 minutes before I had to leave. Ran into that guy about 1,000 times before I got dressed properly. Which wouldn't have been much of a problem if he hadn't been real cute. Oh well.

Right now I'm in math class. I haven't been here in ages, but I caught up real fast and even finished my assignments half an hour early. Even learnt how to use Geogebra. So no, I'm not skipping class to blog. Why would you think that. I would never do such a thing.

Twenty minutes left 'till lunch. I think the teacher suspects that I'm not making graphs. I think he wants me to keep making graphs even though I've made all the graphs I was supposed to make.

He's making me nervous, sneaking around trying to catch me and all. Got nothing more to write anyway. Win/win.


Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Why, internet. Why must you do this to me. As if I don't have enough stuff to do at night instead of sleeping. It's now about 7:25am. Today is my first day of school after Easter break. Good start, June. Very impressive. Very.

I'm getting up in 20 minutes. No point in going to sleep now I guess. MLP it is.

Also if I remember it I'll post pics of one of those newspapers I was in. Kbye. :)))

Saturday, April 7, 2012

I don't even #1

This week, almost 50% of my readers were Russian.


Daniel's first picture ever

Howdy. Just got back from our new house. There are still some things to be done (like cleaning up the mess the builders left), but it does look like we'll be able to move in by the 15th. Which would be good. Because then we wouldn't have to pay $1300 for another month in this crappy ol' apartment.

Now I'm super tired. I have, for some reason, been up since around 10pm last night. It is now 3pm. I'm hoping to survive the day without taking a nap, because that nap would undeniably turn into a 12-hour coma. That's what happened yesterday. And the day before that.

I will now indulge in some MLP and a... soy yoghurt. Anyone who's ever moved will know that the closer you get to moving day, the less edible stuff will be in your house. And now, some pictures. Actually two. I took a lot more, but my phone keeps randomly deleting or damaging all my pictures. Real mature, phone. Luckily the picture my brother took survived. Which is good, because it's the first picture he's ever taken. In his life. He's never taken a picture before with anything at all, and today he took his first snapshot. Of me, of course. And a drill. And a large heap of IKEA which later turned into a wardrobe. Magic.

Tadahhhh. It's not bad, is it? I mean, it was his very first picture ever. And it's not even blurry. Well, a little blurry. But that's because he took it with my phone. And I have Xperia. Heck, even my pictures are blurrier than this one. I hereby decide that my brother will be a photographer when he grows up. And also a master piano player. And a (totally straight) ballet dancer, because there are too few male ballet dancers.

Here is the only other picture that my phone would spare.

This is Daniel unpacking a chair or something. On our roof balcony.
Yes, we have a roof balcony. And a winter garden. I know. I know.

Seriously, I'm gonna go watch MLP and eat this disgusting yoghurt that isn't even yoghurt now. Bye.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Change of residency

Hi guys. I haven't really been blogging much lately. This is because I'm moving. Which is srs bsns. We gotta be out of here by the 15th, and there's still a lot left to do, so I might not blog an awful lot until then. But mind you, when we're all moved in and stuff I'll take lots of pictures of our new house! And also the IKEA wardrobe I built.

I love you lots and stuff. Please don't stop reading my blog just because there's nothing here lately.


Thursday, March 29, 2012


I pirated Dumbo, and I'm watching it right now.
Of course, I put it on pause to write this. Durr.

Anyway, assuming you've all seen Dumbo. Do you remember that funny part where Dumbo was blowing bubbles shaped like squares and even elephants?

Do you also remember that Dumbo and the mouse were drunk out of their minds, and hallucinating?

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Warrior diet

I don't know if you've heard about the warrior diet. But in this diet you're supposed to eat one huge-ass meal a day and that's it.
I accidentally went on that diet last week, since I was at school all day. Got home at like 10 and had 9848234 servings of whatever dinner we were having.



Definitely continuing this.

Quick picture

Me and Aurora.
This is not an awkward picture, no matter what you think. I like it.

(Click picture to view larger)

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


There is something I've forgotten to complain about!

(Note: This entire post is going to be me ranting about my teacher being an asshole. You have been warned.)

Remember that dick teacher who asked that chick if she wanted to sing that song that I really wanted to sing, right in front of my face? No? Here's the link:

Anyway. On the sound check on Friday when we were going through the song I played on, the sound totally freakin' failed. There was no sound on the bass. Heck, there was almost no sound on the drums (how the hell?), and somebody had fucked with my pedal board, so that when I let go of my guitar strings there was the most intense feedback ever. I tried striking a few chords, and it was the death metaliest sound ever. And I was just gonna have a little distortion to roughen up that cute little song. I posted it a while back if you want to hear it.

So anyway, it was pretty obvious that it was NOT our fault that the sound was all fucked up, right? You'd think so. After that horrendous experience (because seriously, nobody likes to fuck up on stage, even if they weren't the ones fucking up), the same shitbag teacher from before walked up to me like
"I think it's better if you just play the tambourine on this song, June."
SERIOUSLY? THE FUCK? Of course, I argued with him. And he just wouldn't let it go. I told him it wasn't my fault. I had like 5 people backing me up there. But he just wouldn't let it go.
"It's just better this way. You didn't start playing where you were supposed to. Just... Stop doing this. It has to be this way. Just play the tambourine."
Asshole. ASSHOLE. I mean, why? Why wouldn't he let it go? Should we drop the bass and drums as well, since they weren't working either? Why did I have to be the one who wouldn't be allowed to play because the sound technicians fucked something up? I was furious. Controllably furious. Until he said this.

"I hope this doesn't ruin this whole experience for you."

... Lol.
Seriously? SERIOUSLY? He takes away the only thing I was going to do, because of something that wasn't my fault, and he hopes it won't matter to me?
I was so angry I just started crying. Which was super awkward, but fixed the situations. Because the project leaders saw it, asked what was wrong, and told me it wasn't even his decision to make, so I should just show up there next morning and show him. And I did.

Random image because people who read blogs like images.

After every show, he walked up to me and said "It's great that the sound worked out this time! Well played!"
That man sure got some nerve. Wow. First he tries to sabotage me, then praises me and acts like my best friend. Asshole teacher. I'm never going to his piano classes again.

That's that.

We've finished all our performances. It's been the most amazing week in ages, and I've been in like 7 newspaper articles. Because I'm cool like that. Here's a pic from one of them:

From the left: Me, Sofie, two other chicks I can't remember the names of.

Other than that, my feet are falling apart. Not sure why. And we've had the nicest weather in ages this week. Which just made everything more perfect. I wish I had a bunch of pictures of the place. Oh wait lol I do.

This is the outside the building. The red thing you see straight ahead is a cafe. That gray thing over the building itself is also the building. It's a big building. "Grieghallen". This huge space here is where we hung out. Just chillin' in the sun. Watching skaters skating. Having coffee and cigarettes. It was seriously awesome. Here's the inside:

Or, that would be the audience. Room for about 2000 people, if I'm not mistaken. The acoustics were great.

Pedals and shit. Don't ask me why that guy is lying on the stage curled up in a fetal position because I really just don't know.

Behind the stage. Note: Not the backstage. Picture of our backstage is coming up.

The guitars and basses that were used in our performance. The black one furthest back in the triple Hercules stand is mine. His name is Oliver. You see him, right? No? K.

Backstage for musicians only. This is actually not an actual backstage, but a performance room. But we got to use it for chilling out and warming up and stuff like that. Oh, and there were also 7 dressing- and makeup-rooms. Luxury much?

Now that we're done with everything, I feel really empty, you know? I'm probably never going back to Grieghallen. I'm never performing this musical again. I'll never be acting high and doing some lame moves while singing "Aquarius" like our choreographist told us to.
(While we're talking about her, I'm not very convinced she's completely mentally healthy)

But heck, I mean, I did this last year as well. I felt the same way, and I survived it. It passed a couple of weeks later. I almost feel bad about not still feeling empty about that, but oh well.

On another note, after having this experience, I know I really do want to work with music. I love being on stage performing in front of a bunch of random people, and I don't even know why, because it does sound utterly ridiculous. I've completely lost my stage fright. I think that's the very best thing I got out of this.

I'm going to go sleep now. I've been working non-stop from about 10am - 10pm every day, including weekends, for 10 days. I skipped school today. /sohardcore.
I don't really want to go back to school at all now. Just really proves that it's over. Going back to my normal, boring day-to-day life. Oh well. I guess it's the way it's gotta be. I wouldn't trade this experience for anything. You wouldn't believe how much you bond with the other people involved, even if you don't talk to them much.

I'm gonna go watch some House now. Later. :)))))

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Just bloggin'

Good day, faithful readers. Like I mentioned, I won't be able to blog very much this week, but as soon as that chick in my class puts the pictures up I'll post those, at least.

So in the mean time, I took this picture with my webcam. It's my view from where I'm sitting right now. Very spectacular.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Picture delay

This chick in my class took a whole bunch of pictures yesterday, and I was thinking I'd put them up here. I also thought she'd upload them yesterday. They're still not up. So you're just gonna have to wait.

Sorry, Sme, for not blogging until now. I'm at school from 12 - 9. Meaning I'm unavailable from about 10 - 10. Meaning I'm super busy.

So, the interview went pretty well. Turns out I'm not the only person from Os in this school after all, so we were three people getting interviewed. That was the okay part. The awkward part was when she wanted me to pose with my guitar on stage, and took a buttload of awkward pictures. I'm very sure she's going to use the one where I accidentally laughed. I assume I looked somewhat like this:

Anyway. We got through the entire musical yesterday. The first day we even tried. So things are going pretty well and stuff. I'm super tired. Only one week to go!

Murder me

Monday, March 19, 2012

Oh god why

I've been so busy being annoyed with AdSense that I completely forgot that today is Sunday, and tomorrow is Monday, and Monday means school, and school means interview. It is now 5am. Well done. Well done.
Technically it's already Monday.

Just in case you were wondering, I will now show you what my hair looks like today.

I swear I don't always look like I'm stuck in the 80's!*

*This statement is false

Sunday, March 18, 2012


I wanna live forever.

Loljk. My point is, I'm getting famous tomorrow. At least a little.

You see, today I went to a café in town with a friend of mine, and I got a phone call from a guy in my class, saying it was absolutely crucial that I went to school tomorrow, because some reporters from my part of town (Os) are coming for a story about the big musical, and they want to interview me. Me!
(Because I'm the only student in the entire school who lives in Os, but still.)

So in a few days I'll definitely be on everyone's tongues, and they will carry me around and throw money at me.

Seriously though, I'm kinda nervous about the whole interview thing. What if they want to take a picture. Ew. So far I've only seen one good picture of me that's not taken by my webcam with very high light exposure. And that's this one.

(And as you can see, there's quite a lot of light in this picture as well. And contrast. I simply cannot look good in pictures like normal people.)

More as it develops.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Fuck this shit

So I went to school today to rehearse Smells Like Teen Spirit with the band. For the big musical that is in less than a week.

Nobody cared to tell me I'd been replaced with some other vocalist until I got there. But then that other vocalist ran off somewhere when the band was gonna rehearse, so I was stepping in for him. Of course, just when we were starting, he came out of nowhere. So I just left.
Then some teacher asked me why I was even there in the first place, and I explained the circumstances to him. I also told him that I was the first one who asked to sing on that song, and that of course I was a little disappointed, seeing as the only thing I get to do now is play 5 chords over 20 seconds.

My big debut.

Worst part. I was leaving school with a friend of mine, Alice, when that same teacher stopped us. After talking to Mr. New Vocalist for a while, he asked Alice if she wanted to do the backup vocals for that song.


So I was at the doctor's on Thursday, and she ran an awful lot of tests to check for infections and whatnot, because my ear is being stupid and I've been coughing up sputum for four weeks.
The tests all came back negative.

So she wrote me a prescription for penicillin. Lol ok. Makes sense.

And now I'm probably going to die because I got a rash from it, and another symptom that comes with penicillin allergy is respiratory arrest.

Bye world.

Slappin' da bass

Lol jk, I couldn't slap to save my life.

Just learnt "Run to the Hills" by Iron Maiden. Fuck yes. Here's a super artsy picture of me and my bass.

Have a splendid evening/night/morning/afternoon.