Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I know the coolest people

Man. I just found this. I know these people. Bandana guy has even touched my boob.

I have the coolest friends. Swagswagswagswagswag.

Super interesting fact of today: When hippos get upset, their sweat turns red. And you probably already know that hippo milk is pink.


a small player in God's plan. said...

2 interesting facts! Whoa.

What happened to Lewis?

Jinx said...

Man, I have no idea how to reply to someone's comment. But the two facts were related! Also what about Lewis? He's still viewing my blog from time to time (I can tell from my stats, hur hur), but he isn't commenting. Maybe he's angry with me. :)

LewisH2012 said...

No I'm not I'm really fucking busy with art work and I only take time off on the weekends (sorry). Oh yeh that guy shoe horny is a sex beast