Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Today I shall wear sunscreen!

And shorts! Oh dear, oh dear.

Many of you may just not comprehend how big a sensation this is for us Norwegians. I'm not even lying when I say that some years we have only about two weeks of sunscreen-and-shorts-worthy weather. I am thrilled. I even have a sunburn on my nose. The fact that this is a happy thing for me should explain a thing or two.

It's 7am and I haven't slept. I'm developing a pattern of a kind. A weird one, at that. At the time I'm only sleeping every other night, and it's actually working for me somehow. Surely this can't be healthy?

Allow me to include a picture of myself and my sunscreen. I would also have included my freshly-shaved, sunscreen-slathered legs, but I'm just not that flexible.

I now realize that bloggers are supposed to use nice pictures of themself looking not like a maniac decent. Well, fuck. Can't say I give a shit, because the weather is freaking awesome and I get to wear shorts and show off my hideous basement tattoo. And I didn't sleep tonight, meaning I could get up early and shower and shave my legs and yay. I'm usually not able to shower in the mornings because I spend eternities in there (I seriously don't even know why myself, must be a glitch in the matrix), and my hair takes 3-6 hours to dry. Yes, it takes six hours in the winter. Yay thick, curly hair!

Well, I suppose I should go drink coffee or something now. I don't know what people do in the mornings. I usually tend to throw on some clothes, brush my teeth and bolt out the door.

The times I actually manage to get up in time for school, that is.

Mentality, why must you do this to me. Why.

I've also taken up the same project as you, my dear reader. You know who you are. I don't know your name. I'm just going to dump your blog here so people get the point. Do tell if you are in any way offended by this.  <- the blog

I've taken three pictures. So far so good. Wonder how long I can keep up with this. Wonder if I should use a new DailyBooth account to do this instead.

Super interesting fact of the morning: Japanese research has concluded that moderate drinking can boost IQ levels.

(Also woohoo, this is my 50th post.)


LGASDF said...

This is my 5th comment

a small player in God's plan. said...

It's Greg, and I am not offended at all! I need to restart it as I failed the last time.

LewisH2012 said...

It's fucking sunny here too which also it never is and I'm wearing my ridiculously coloured clothes (as in shorts and a t-shirt) and my Dennis the mennis socks so I know what you mean when this makes you happy (as in the sun not my clothes).