Sunday, May 6, 2012


This is a word that can be used to describe what clouds look like with the moon behind them when it like illuminates the edges of the... no? You don't know what I mean? I wish I had a camera. I'll find something similar on google.

Kinda like that. Except it's 1am and absolutely no light out at all. It was really cool, I swear. Although this is a tad more beautiful.

It was more like this.

But still darker. Anyway, it was awesome. And we have a full moon. They said on the news today that the moon would appear a lot bigger now because reasons, but it doesn't look different to me.

Also I downloaded a new Pokémon game. It's pretty much like the regular games for Gameboy and DS, but multiplayer. It's totally neat. It's still in beta and really glitchy, and I feel kinda important to get to be a part of finding and reporting glitches to help make the game better. Even though it's open for everyone. It's called Pokémonium and you can find it here.
My username in-game and in the forums is Cilantria if you want to add me!

Interesting fact of the day: Sharks are immune to cancer.


LewisH2012 said...

Awaometastic describes me exactly and I'm going to spam you with so much shit on that game so thanks