Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Wtf, brain

I was so sure I wanted to dye my hair red, and I've thought about it for a long time. But now I'm getting all nervous about it all of a sudden. Wtf.

My stepfather brought all my painting stuff from the other house. I was never a good painter, but I decided to try again. I'm using oil paint, so it's really difficult and the layers take a long time to dry. I'm experimenting with stroke patterns. Right now I'm trying to paint a portrait. I have a problem painting eyes (drawing them is easy, but...), so I decided to kind of paint the entire eyeball first, then add eyelids. So I get the proportions right and stuff. The result is a really freaking scary half-finished painting that's always staring at me. I'd better finish this up as soon as possible.

I love the smell of turpentine. Reminds me of mango.

Other than that I've been doing some stalking, and found out that Dakota Rose is editing her photos and videos, and does in fact not look anything like that at all. Ego boost. I still love the way she does her makeup, though, and I've started doing something similar.
I kinda feel bad for her. Since she's been fooling everyone with her editing, she's getting a whole lot of hate. She kind of had it coming though, telling so many lies.

You can read more about the true Dakota Rose here. It is albeit not a very neutral article.


LewisH2012 said...

You should've probably left the eyes till last but yeh it's fine unless you're ehh... Fat? (I was just typing random shit hoping I would come up with something relatively smart)