Monday, December 10, 2012

Things my cat likes to do

* Constantly wag her tail
* Bite my face when I sleep
* Lick my belly button when I sleep
* Lick my lady parts when I sleep
* Sit on my face when I sleep
* Suddenly wake up, jump, and run into walls
* Shower
* Bathe in sink
* Sleep in sink
* Sit in sink
* Eat toilet paper
* Break stuff
* Meow at walls
* Hide behind corners and attack my legs when I walk by

In other news I got a haircut.

It's still wet and I'm probably going to have a smashing fro when it finally dries. The hairdresser spent an hour and a half on this. I seriously have no idea how she did that. And after that I took the wrong bus because I forgot to bring my cell phone and didn't have a watch. Alltogether I've waited in the freezing cold (-10C/14F) for almost one hour. With frozen-solid hair.

I did however get some christmas shopping done, and the haircut. So I guess it's okay.

Super interesting fact of today: Quality standards for pasta were set in the 13th century by the pope.