Sunday, June 17, 2012


I went to IKEA with my family yesterday. I actually had a really good day, the best in a very long time, actually. I'm not sure why. It was great, even though it wasn't anything special.

I got a lot of new stuff for my room. And by that I mean two shelves, some decorations and a new bed. Finally. The one I had before was so awful that I'd just rather sleep on the sofa some days. I don't think I've ever slept as well as I did last night. I love this bed and I intend to marry it.

Tomorrow I'm going to a party. Or not a party in the sense of alcohol and everything that follows. A girl in my class is having the entire class over because she's going to change schools next year. My best friend Kim is taking the opportunity to let everyone know that he's changing schools as well. With him leaving I only have one friend left at school. All my other friends are graduating. This supersucks.

I don't have more stuff to write. My life is pretty boring. Today I've done nothing but watch Japanese movies. So far I've watched one with 13 horror stories, and another horror movie called The Infection (kansen), and now I'm in the process of watching Nobody Knows (daremo shiranai) which is a drama, and surprisingly a good one. It's about four children living with their mom, and then the mom falls in love with a guy and abandons her kids. It's incredibly sad. In fact I'll post the first part here so you can watch it, even though I know none of you will.

Super interesting fact of today: One out of twenty people have an extra rib.


Anonymous said...

This is Lewis I can't sign into my account for some reason but that doesn't matter. 1 I love IKEA, 2 it's a bitch that your friends are going but you'll get new friends so cheer up and 3 I watched part 1 so far and I enjoyed so fuck you, no but really cheer up.