Friday, June 15, 2012

Tomatoes gonna tomate

Did I ever tell you guys that we have a winter garden in our new house? 'Cause we totally do. And we're growing tons of stuff there. Parsley, olives, flowers (obviously), mango, pineapple, tangerines and tomatoes.

The tomatoes have grown a whole lot lately, and they're even starting to grow actual tomatoes! We have a bunch of tomato plants, so very soon we'll have more tomatoes than we can eat. It probably sounds cheesy, but food does taste much better when you grow it yourself!

You can see the olive tree in there somewhere if you try very hard.
Some of the tomatoes.
I'm pretty proud of the last picture. It took me a while to get it, because the camera insisted on focusing on the rocks outside the window... Needless to say, I'm not very good with cameras.

Oh, and last weekend we went to our summer house in the middle of nowhere. In other words, where my stepfather's from. He built the house himself just before he met mom, so it's rather big. Makes me feel all posh and stuff. We have two people renting apartments in the basement.
We have the greatest view there. In the living room, we have sort of panorama windows out towards the sea. Of course somebody had to ruin our view by placing a huge-ass fish farm there... Anyway, I captured this sunset. And believe me, this picture does it no justice at all. It was amazing. Taken at about 11:30pm.
... It doesn't look magnificent at all. Stupid camera.

While I was there I got to see some of my old friends again. I don't think I've been there since Christmas, and I usually go every holiday and some weekends. I lived there for about a year, actually. Last year.
I wanted to see my friends on Saturday as well, because most of them were going to prom that Friday. Just my luck... But that day we had to go to my stepfather's mom's 70th birthday. It was really awkward, because I have no relationship with his family at all. And just to make it even more awkward, my step-cousins, I guess you could call them, brought their girlfriends. Is that a normal thing to do? I sure as hell would never want to go to my boyfriend's grandma's birthday. Awkward.
Somebody took this picture of me teaching Daniel how to play some card game. We had a pretty good time.
No we do not look awkward ever.
Well, I should probably get ready for school now. As I mentioned, last day today. And I'm getting my grades. And I might as well kill myself right now and get it over with.

Super interesting fact of today: Serving ice cream on cherry pie was once illegal in Kansas.


LewisH2012 said...

You should grow herbs in your garden or as some Americans say "erbs" but otherwise cool inside garden and even though it's not a great photo (you're shit) it still looks good (as in your scenery view).

Noxiousdoctrine said...

I bet everyone was in awe at your beauty. Though, I'm sure you didn't notice because of how awkward it must've been. Also, I'm jealous of your garden, I've been wanting to do that for ages. You have everything I want but don't have.