Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Video from that one concert a while back

I know this is super long ago, but my dad recorded our duet. It went pretty well, I'd say. A couple false notes here and there (especially at the end) but all in all not catastrophic. First I sing in unison with the girl I was singing with, then I start in the duet part.

Sorry about the terribad video quality. The audio is what matters, right? Also dad started recording a bit late, oh well.

I gotta say, I was so nervous walking up to the stage I almost died. And all of a sudden I really had to pee, and that's what made me actually able to sing. I don't know how, but it did. Bless my bladder.

Hello, world

I have a concussion. It's seriously horrifying. I found a picture to describe how my head feels.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Things my cat likes to do

* Constantly wag her tail
* Bite my face when I sleep
* Lick my belly button when I sleep
* Lick my lady parts when I sleep
* Sit on my face when I sleep
* Suddenly wake up, jump, and run into walls
* Shower
* Bathe in sink
* Sleep in sink
* Sit in sink
* Eat toilet paper
* Break stuff
* Meow at walls
* Hide behind corners and attack my legs when I walk by

In other news I got a haircut.

It's still wet and I'm probably going to have a smashing fro when it finally dries. The hairdresser spent an hour and a half on this. I seriously have no idea how she did that. And after that I took the wrong bus because I forgot to bring my cell phone and didn't have a watch. Alltogether I've waited in the freezing cold (-10C/14F) for almost one hour. With frozen-solid hair.

I did however get some christmas shopping done, and the haircut. So I guess it's okay.

Super interesting fact of today: Quality standards for pasta were set in the 13th century by the pope.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Stuff has happened

Hey guise.

So! I turned 18 some time ago, and it was awesome. I completely take back my emo rant because my best friend came to my party after all. It's all good.

So, three weeks ago some friends and I started a band, and so far we've started putting together one song. Which I think is great progress, considering we only have rehearsals once a week. The song has a western feeling to it which I don't normally like, but this one's turning out pretty cool.

I also got a tattoo of the circle of fifths (wiki), and got the hideous star on my ankle "fixed"... It looks even worse than before now. One leg is almost twice the length of the others. I have no idea how he did that. The circle of fifths tattoo is not placed correctly on my arm either, but I'm just going to have to live with that. It bothers me how he could make so many mistakes when he is a practicing professional, though. And I guess you could say it's partially my fault too for not noticing. I'm going back in as soon as the star has healed.

Other than that, I changed my main instrument in school. I now sing. Classical stuff, at that. There's a concert coming up where I'm singing Panis Angelicus with a girl in my class. I did NOT sign up for this, and I'm not sure if I can do it. Me and the girl have never sung together, and I haven't even heard her sing. I hope our voices go together well. I've never heard anything but solo versions of the song, so I'm excited to hear a duet version. Hopefully we can cancel our performance if it doesn't work out.

Super interesting fact of today: Dalmatians are born without spots.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Birthday's coming up

As I'm sure you all know, my birthday's on Wednesday. I'm turning 18, which means I can finally buy my own fucking cigarettes. Among other things.

I'm having a party with a few friends on Friday. When I say a few, I really do mean a few. I invited like 12 people and only three are actually coming. It's fucking depressing, especially since one of my best friends apparently forgot I invited him weeks ago and is going to his classmate's birthday party instead. Psh. Oh well.
It's gotten to the point where I'm not sure if I can even be bothered having the party after all. My friend Malene has been so great lately, she's planned out this entire week just to make sure I get super drunk every day, and that my party is awesome. Just a shame nobody's coming. She had to invite some of her own friends whom I've never met so that there would be people there, which I'm not really okay with. Who wants strangers at their birthday party?

Anyway, just needed to leave this emo rant somewhere, and since I have this blog that apparently nobody reads anymore anyway, why not?

Super interesting fact of today: Oysters can change their gender.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Pain everywhere

As the title suggests, my entire fucking body (stomach and chest) hurts. You may be wondering why, dear readers, and that is because I went to the gym yesterday.



It's not really that big of a deal anymore since that was the seventh time I went.
And now I have to run for PE class. Can this get any better?

I feel the pounds melting off me, hear you me.

Super interesting fact of today: Eating dandelions could make you pee more. I don't see why anyone would eat dandelions, though.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Retarded kitty

Today I woke up because my kitty was licking my belly button. And that's not even what really woke me up. That was when she dug her nails into my tummy and tried to push her entire head into my fucking navel.

I was going to go to the city with my friend today. She was getting her belly button pierced, and I needed to be there for support. Now, before I say anything else, she's not a pussy. And if I don't explain this and she reads it she'll probably murder me. She had her appendix removed, and the piercing would have to go through a lot of scar tissue and that's painful and shiz.

Okay, this is retarded. I'm going to stop blogging until someone tells me what they want to read about.
Later guise!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Oh, and guys

I'm pretty much out of ideas on what to write about lately, so if there is anything specific you'd like to see here, just let me know.

I'll even do vlogs*. But only if I really, really have to.

School starts on Monday the 20th, so hopefully I'll have more stuff to blog about since I won't be sitting on my ass all day roaming the internets and playing The Sims 3.

*I'll never ever do a vlog

Soft kitty, warm kitty

I have recently (a month ago) aquired a kitten. She is adorable.
She's really lazy except from 2am-5am. Which, incidentally, is the middle of the night where I usually try to enjoy a good night's sleep. She likes to attack my feet. And my eyelashes, from time to time. But I spray her in the face with a water bottle every time she does that at night, so she's starting to learn that it's not such a good idea.
She also likes to sleep on my boobs, which I do not object to. Have you ever slept with a warm little kitten on you? It's the best thing ever. Even better than sliced bread.

That is all for now because it's 2am. I may get back to you later. With a new music video from the guys who brought you "Escal8r" and "Swag". You know, the ones I posted a while back? No? Well, scroll the fuck down, then.

Super interesting fact of today: Dolphins sometimes drag people into underwater caves to rape and kill them. Be careful out there!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Lorem Ipsum Dolor Sit Amet

I haven't been writing for a while, sorry.

What's new? Not much. The tomatoes are ripe. We got a grape tree. My Dutch friend is coming to see me on the 29th.

Oh and also I may not be able to continue my education because my fucking shrink forgot to send in some papers that were crucial. Oh well.

Other than that I want to dye my hair blue again. I also want a new wardrobe. I also want to move out.

See this messy blog post? It's the reason I haven't been writing for a while. If I was following a blog I would want them to write about how awesome their life was and how many friends they have and the cool new stuff they bought and their friends being awesome and their life being awesome and the sunny, hot weather because it's midsummer and it's not supposed to be raining every fucking day.

I'll be back when I get my shit fixed up. Or before that. I don't really know.

I'm out of super interesting facts right now, sorry.

Monday, June 25, 2012

You win this time, mosquito

You can't really tell, but half my face is all swollen because of some scumbag mosquito. This is the worst allergy ever. Hence the super angry face.

Super interesting fact of today: I have no life

Monday, June 18, 2012


So, today about half our class visited Ada, who's not going to be in our class, or even the same school anymore next year. It feels weird. She's not a person I talk to a lot, but it's still going to be odd in the fall when she's not there. And it will be even weirder when Kim isn't there. Seriously, it's going to be super weird. I hang out with him every day in school. I'm determined to stay in touch, even though it's going to be tough with the demanding choice of major we have and whatnot. It just feels really lame. People always leave. It's a fact of life I guess, but I never get used to it.

I'm really weathersick today. Ever since the last day of school it's been really cloudy and humid and gloomy. I don't like this. I also had a dream about someone that I used to know, and when I fell asleep after waking up from it I kept dreaming that he was in my room and I was talking to him. I woke up and fell asleep again about six or seven times and it happened every time. It was a little disturbing. I wish I knew a way to contact him, it would be nice to be able to talk to him again.

Today just isn't a good day.

Sunday, June 17, 2012


I went to IKEA with my family yesterday. I actually had a really good day, the best in a very long time, actually. I'm not sure why. It was great, even though it wasn't anything special.

I got a lot of new stuff for my room. And by that I mean two shelves, some decorations and a new bed. Finally. The one I had before was so awful that I'd just rather sleep on the sofa some days. I don't think I've ever slept as well as I did last night. I love this bed and I intend to marry it.

Tomorrow I'm going to a party. Or not a party in the sense of alcohol and everything that follows. A girl in my class is having the entire class over because she's going to change schools next year. My best friend Kim is taking the opportunity to let everyone know that he's changing schools as well. With him leaving I only have one friend left at school. All my other friends are graduating. This supersucks.

I don't have more stuff to write. My life is pretty boring. Today I've done nothing but watch Japanese movies. So far I've watched one with 13 horror stories, and another horror movie called The Infection (kansen), and now I'm in the process of watching Nobody Knows (daremo shiranai) which is a drama, and surprisingly a good one. It's about four children living with their mom, and then the mom falls in love with a guy and abandons her kids. It's incredibly sad. In fact I'll post the first part here so you can watch it, even though I know none of you will.

Super interesting fact of today: One out of twenty people have an extra rib.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Oh dear

I just edited my design. I don't know how to get the old one back, so you'll just have to live with this and also pretend it's super pretty and better than the previous one.

Tomatoes gonna tomate

Did I ever tell you guys that we have a winter garden in our new house? 'Cause we totally do. And we're growing tons of stuff there. Parsley, olives, flowers (obviously), mango, pineapple, tangerines and tomatoes.

The tomatoes have grown a whole lot lately, and they're even starting to grow actual tomatoes! We have a bunch of tomato plants, so very soon we'll have more tomatoes than we can eat. It probably sounds cheesy, but food does taste much better when you grow it yourself!

You can see the olive tree in there somewhere if you try very hard.
Some of the tomatoes.
I'm pretty proud of the last picture. It took me a while to get it, because the camera insisted on focusing on the rocks outside the window... Needless to say, I'm not very good with cameras.

Oh, and last weekend we went to our summer house in the middle of nowhere. In other words, where my stepfather's from. He built the house himself just before he met mom, so it's rather big. Makes me feel all posh and stuff. We have two people renting apartments in the basement.
We have the greatest view there. In the living room, we have sort of panorama windows out towards the sea. Of course somebody had to ruin our view by placing a huge-ass fish farm there... Anyway, I captured this sunset. And believe me, this picture does it no justice at all. It was amazing. Taken at about 11:30pm.
... It doesn't look magnificent at all. Stupid camera.

While I was there I got to see some of my old friends again. I don't think I've been there since Christmas, and I usually go every holiday and some weekends. I lived there for about a year, actually. Last year.
I wanted to see my friends on Saturday as well, because most of them were going to prom that Friday. Just my luck... But that day we had to go to my stepfather's mom's 70th birthday. It was really awkward, because I have no relationship with his family at all. And just to make it even more awkward, my step-cousins, I guess you could call them, brought their girlfriends. Is that a normal thing to do? I sure as hell would never want to go to my boyfriend's grandma's birthday. Awkward.
Somebody took this picture of me teaching Daniel how to play some card game. We had a pretty good time.
No we do not look awkward ever.
Well, I should probably get ready for school now. As I mentioned, last day today. And I'm getting my grades. And I might as well kill myself right now and get it over with.

Super interesting fact of today: Serving ice cream on cherry pie was once illegal in Kansas.

Thursday, June 14, 2012


It's been a while. Is anybody still there?

Last Thursday the strike suddenly ended. Just as I'd gotten used to it! It was awful in the start, but we didn't really have much left to do anyway, so it's not like we got a pile of work dropped on us while we were still in summer mode.

Loljk, we did.

Our geography teacher expected us to finish a 10 minute presentation of population stats over x years for some part of the country. Now, that doesn't sound so bad, and we'd already started the project before the strike, so it shouldn't be a problem, right?
False. He changed all the groups and expected us to come up with our presentations in one day. Unfortunately I was sick that day and could not go to school. Really. I was.

Other than that we had a math test on Wednesday. Yesterday, that is. Which was great, because had it not been for that test I'd have failed the subject. I now barely pass it, with the grade 2. Which is equivalent to I have no idea in American. 2 out of 6, anyways.

But lately I've been a bit depressed, to be honest. I know I should be happy and careless now that school's almost over, but I may not pass the year because I'm failing too many subjects. If I fail 3 or more I won't pass. Of course, my psychiatrist can help me get in the next year and whatnot, but I just really feel like such a failure. I've been sick most of this entire school year and I probably have over 70% absence. I guess it's a wonder that I passed some of my subjects at all, eh?

Oh well, it's too late to do anything about it now. I'm just gonna cross my fingers and hope that everything turns out fine, because if it doesn't that ruins every plan I've ever made for my future, and that would suck a lot. It's not like I can do anything about it anymore either. Tomorrow is our last day of school before summer break, and we'll be getting our grades. I'm pretty anxious about it. I hope I don't fail too many classes, because then I'd probably cry, and it would be awkward to cry at school on the last day celebration.
Maybe I should just not look at them until I get home. Yes, that sounds like a marvelous plan.

I'm thinking of maybe changing my main instrument next year if I get in. It's not that I don't enjoy playing guitar, it's just that I don't like being told what to do. Now while this might sound idiotic, it's something I just can't let go of and it's keeping me from learning anything. I want to learn how to sing properly instead. We had singing classes last year, and I really enjoyed it. I really do love to sing, and I feel like I can improve a lot if I learn professionally, even if it's just for a year. And I think I can get a better grade in singing than I did in guitar. This year I got a 3... Which is bad for your main instrument. It's supposed to be the think you're really good at. Stupid teachers, evaluating me on the same level as the others who've taken guitar classes since they were 4 and have virtuoso parents.

Somebody tell me that it's a good idea that I should go through with. I need some encouragement here.

This is the part where I'm supposed to make up for the lack of blogging lately with a super awesome story about something incredibly that I've done, right?
Yeah, I've got nothing. Hopefully somebody'll take some pictures tomorrow and then I could blog them and you can all be happy. Yay!

Oh, and Lewis: I get my random facts from google, and from watching TV. QI is a cool show.

Obscure song of today:

Super interesting fact of tonight: In Belgium, there is a museum just for strawberries.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Master chef

Hi all, I've got my sleeping pattern back on track! Around midnight nowadays I'm so tired I can't keep my eyes open... Which isn't all that great, because they've started showing Midsumer Murders again on Fridays, and it lasts 'till around midnight. I was really psyched to watch it last night, but fell asleep just before the conclusion in the second episode. Meh! Hopefully it'll get better. I guess I was sleep deprived anyway.

I've got two new plants! A cactus and a dionaea. Or a venus fly trap. I had a dionaea before, but then I left it somewhere for just two or three days and they'd managed to kill it. Even though they'd watered it! Maybe they gave it wrong water... They don't like hard water. I even got the same flowerpot for my new dionaea as I used for the old one. I have no idea where the old pot even is. Anyway, I'm thinking I want to name my new plants, just because reasons. My old dionaea was named Daniel, for obvious reasons. At least they should be obvious. I think so. My point is, does anybody have any ideas? I'm all out. Here's a picture of my new lovelies.

Best flowerpot ever. Roar!

I cooked yesterday! I've wanted home-made tomato soup for so long. Actually ever since we finished performing (in April sometime, if I'm not wrong?), because that's what we were served after our last performance, and I'd actually never had it before. I've had the bagged kind, you know, mix powder with water, heat up, eat. There's a world of difference in taste, though.
Anyway, my brother actually got a recipe book at school. Obviously, it's meant for the parents... It's full of recipes that are specifically made for children to like them. I was a little disappointed in the taste of the finished product, because it was so mild, and the one I'd had before was like something exploding in your mouth. I guess I'll have to use a different recipe next time. This one had cream in it, I think that's what's ruined everything.

I have no idea what I'm doing
I look like a raccoon because I'd been chopping onions.

Daniel insisted he be in the picture.

I feel like I'm giving constant updates on the weather, but it really is necessary! It's gone cold and rainy again. We had one week of nice weather. One week. Why, Norway. Why? I almost froze my butt off when I was out with Lily. And I was wearing long tights and even a jacket. The worst part is that the meteorologists on our side of the country are on strike, so we get no forecast at the time. There's really a lot of striking going on here lately. Teachers, meteorologists, scientists, even the airport security guards. Oh well. Luckily I'm not going anywhere.
And in case you haven't learnt yet... Click any picture to enlarge.

Super interesting fact of today: The blue whale's penis is 5 meters long.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012


My friend Lily just came back to Norway yesterday, after being in Ohio for a year. I'm hoping on seeing her as soon as possible. Gotta say I'm psyched. I've been to the US, but I honestly can't imagine what it would be like to live there. For the record, Lily is the one I'll be moving with. To New Jersey, that is. She's a musician too, and we're thinking that hell, maybe we'll get lucky and break through while we're there for college. And I don't want to hear your shit about how that's never going to happen. I've had enough discouragement already.

Lily is a pianist and a singer, I'm a guitarist and a singer. Personally I think it's a great combo. Although I'd rather be playing rock, I like doing ballads as well, and who says I can't do both? Maybe I'll find a band over there. I can't find any here, that's for sure. It seems like every band in my area needs a drummer. And if they do need a guitarist, they need a fucking super shredder, and they play death metal. Which isn't really my style. I found a band who played music that I actually like, but I never heard back from them, and they were even the ones asking if I were interested... Geez. Some people.

I'm hoping I'll get to see her as early as today. I still don't have school, so that'd be just perfect. I'm just sitting around all day anyway. I'm actually kinda nervous about what to wear when I meet her, because she's into fashion, and I'd like to not look like a fool walking beside her. I guess I'll just wear my killer heels. Even though I always twist my ankle wearing them. You guys just be happy you don't have to wear that shit.

My sleep pattern is all over the place lately. I can sleep anytime. Anytime at all. Except at night. It's incredibly frustrating, and I can't seem to be able to do anything about it, either. I read somewhere that in order to reset your sleep pattern you'd have to fast for 20 hours or something, and the time you ate again would be what your body thought of as "morning". Not sure if this would work. But I haven't eaten in 20 hours, actually. I ate breakfast at 9 and slept from 12 'till 2am. Wait, it's 6am now. That would mean I haven't eaten in 21 hours. I think. Not sure. Brain isn't functioning properly.

Oh, and I've noticed I have one or more readers from Russia who checks in quite often but never comments. I wonder who they are.

Here's a song for you because I was listening to it.

Super interesting fact of today: In Albania, nodding your head means "no" and shaking your head means "yes".

Monday, May 28, 2012

I don't even

My mom just slapped me in the face with a cheese.

Other than that - weather's still nice, but not quite as warm, which suits me just fine. I think we're going to the beach later. Right now I'm watching Cartoon Network with my brother, "Tom and Jerry kids". Why. They even dubbed it to Norwegian.


Other than that, I'm still having a whole lot of trouble sleeping. I can't remember the last time I slept at night. I usually just have naps randomly throughout the day. Which, of course, is a bad idea, but even if I don't have them I can't sleep at night.

Spotted a cat earlier this morning. It meowed at me, so I went outside to it and petted it for ages. Turns out it was shedding like crazy and needed me to scratch/pet it off. Of course I'd just applied sunscreen before going outside, so I looked like a gorilla afterwards. I still have cat all over me. I even inhaled a hair.

I'm still playing a lot of Sims. In the family I'm currently playing, both the parents died while their kid was still a teen.

Was totally sad, man. Seriously. I felt sad about it. But I won't rant about Sims here. I should probably make my own blog just for ranting about Sims. Yeah. I should do that.


Achievement unlocked:

- Eat 4 pounds of chocolate in 10 days.

So, I haven't been blogging much lately. Sorry about that. It's because I haven't been doing much lately. See, on Thursday the teachers of our school went on strike. On a strike. Urk. You get my point.
(damn you, Norwegian brain!)
So I haven't been to school since, and I also very unfortunatly lost my math exam because of this. I admit I have been swimming in my own tears these past few days.

While we're on the subject of swimming, the weather is super-fucking-nice lately. I seriously can't believe it. I know that it's summer time and it is to be expected, but I was expecting it to happen gradually. Which was not the case over here. One day it was randomly snowing, and it was 5°C (that's 41°F), which shouldn't at all be happening in the first place since water freezes at 0°C (that's 32°F. God, Fahrenheit is lame.) Then the next three days or so rain was just pouring down all over the place, and it was windy as fuck. We even had a storm in there somehere. Then the day after...


30°C. 86°F. I mean what the hell. How does that even happen. How is that even possible. It's been around 20°C-30°C (68°F-86°F) now the past week or so. Mom had to take me emergency shopping because I didn't have any clothes skimpy enough to survive in this scorching hot weather. Wtf, Norway. Wtf. You're supposed to be ice cold, with polar bears walking the streets and such.

Can't complain, though. This is what we go on holidays for.
(I will never ever write about degrees again in my life. And if I do, you'll just have to convert them yourself.)

Mom wants me to go to the beach with her and my brother tomorrow, which would be great if I didn't have this ugly-ass tattoo on my ankle that she doesn't know about. I guess I'll be wearing socks and converse. Won't be THAT suspicious.

Who am I kidding. Who the fuck wears converse to the beach. People walk barefoot on the beach. I'll just tell her that I have a wound or something that I don't wanna get stuff in. Luckily my psychiatrist is coming over on tuesday, I think, so I can tell her. I feel like I'm gonna need some backing up when I do, because let's face it - letting a guy tattoo you just because he has the equipment isn't really a super great idea. I honestly do deserve all the shit she's gonna give me for it. But that doesn't mean I want it.

I hope mom doesn't read my blog.

Super interesting fact of tonight: Prosopagnosia refers to the inability to identify people by their faces. In severe cases of prosopagnosia a person may not be able to identify themselves in a mirror.