Monday, May 28, 2012

I don't even

My mom just slapped me in the face with a cheese.

Other than that - weather's still nice, but not quite as warm, which suits me just fine. I think we're going to the beach later. Right now I'm watching Cartoon Network with my brother, "Tom and Jerry kids". Why. They even dubbed it to Norwegian.


Other than that, I'm still having a whole lot of trouble sleeping. I can't remember the last time I slept at night. I usually just have naps randomly throughout the day. Which, of course, is a bad idea, but even if I don't have them I can't sleep at night.

Spotted a cat earlier this morning. It meowed at me, so I went outside to it and petted it for ages. Turns out it was shedding like crazy and needed me to scratch/pet it off. Of course I'd just applied sunscreen before going outside, so I looked like a gorilla afterwards. I still have cat all over me. I even inhaled a hair.

I'm still playing a lot of Sims. In the family I'm currently playing, both the parents died while their kid was still a teen.

Was totally sad, man. Seriously. I felt sad about it. But I won't rant about Sims here. I should probably make my own blog just for ranting about Sims. Yeah. I should do that.



LewisH2012 said...

I still watch Adventure Time on cartoon network because for one it's awsometastic and two I have something to talk about with random kids ;) (it's normal).

LGASDF said...

90s cartoons or gtfo